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My name is Alan Kilistoff and I have been a practicing Dentist since I graduated from UBC in 1976.  I started teaching at UBC Dental school in August 2000.  I got hooked on teaching so I sold my practices, and went full time, first at UBC and now at the University of Saskatchewan, where I am currently Assistant Dean Clinic Affairs.  I am sorry for the late post, but our term is two weeks old and there has been a steady stream of crises that have taken my full attention.  I have five children all now married and 11 grandchildren one of whom was still born this past July.  The eleventh was born three weeks ago and was two months premature, but he is doing very well and should be home earlier than expected.  Our Dental school is attatched to the hospital so I get to visit the little guy every day on my way home.  It is very handy as I walk by the NICU on the way to the car park.  This is my last course in the MET program and I am looking forward to learning about the business side of e-learning.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every course in the program, but I find that in my new position the work load is escalating and I am having increasing difficulty finding time to enjoy this program.  I am in charge of running the dental clinic that serves 56 students as well, I teach 6 courses, and I also teach one day per week at the National School of Dental Therapy in Prince Albert, 150 Kms north of Saskatoon.  We are implementing a new 10 million dollar computer system that finds me as chair of the implementation team.  There is a 40 week program to implement this system that we are now just starting.  I also have a few trips this fall so it looks like I am packing the laptop again.  Enough of my woes, I am looking forward to this course.


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1 davidp { 09.07.08 at 3:49 pm }

Welcome Alan.

After your hectic first week, I’m sure you’ll be happy to settle into the e-routine of ETEC 522.


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