Module Teams – anybody missing?

Here are the teams for Modules 4-11.

I looked at the special requests posts/comments in the blog. Everyone who requested a preference got their first choice. The teams are now set.


Module 04: Katherine Lithgow, Ellen Wu, Drew Murphy, Deepika Sharma (4)

Module 05: Jarrod Bell, Alan Kilistoff, Susan Wilson, Carolann Fraenkel (4)

Module 06: Amber Van Der Mark, Marc Kampschuur, David De Pieri, Mary Burgess, Bryan Funk (5)

Module 07: Ken Heales, Michael Awmack, Cori Wickes, Vincent Spencer, Crystal Pullman (5)

Module 08: Sarah Wood, Jim Tattrie, Gilian Gunderson, Dwayne Ali, Shaun Dychko (5)

Module 09: Doug Pinder, Joanne Dabell, Fetya Ahmed, DB, Joseph Dobson (5)

Module 10: Alexandra Marsh, Cheryl Milner, Michael Peterson, Jag Uppal (4)

Module 11: David Wees, Laura Mcleod, Nancy Castonguay, Zilong Zhai, Melissa Anders (5)

Additional instructions will be coming along shortly. You may wish to get acquainted with your team members via email in the interim before kickoff in two weeks.


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1 davidp { 09.10.08 at 10:48 am }

I have added a new student, Doug Pinder to the Module 9 team.

Welcome Doug.

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