Pitches on ipods

I’ve been making a point of trying to do some of my masters work using my ipod touch as an experiment. I notice that the ingenia presentation shows only the presenter video but no slides. Pretty powerful tool but doesn’t quite step up to full technology standards like regular client browsers. I’m curious about building resources that can be fully accessible via ipods and iphones for some future training, especially in large cities where a large portion of a sample company could be using mass transit and training while they travel to work.

nb. This is certainly not a complaint to the developers to the course, more of an observation about ipods



1 davidp { 09.07.08 at 10:13 pm }

Great idea.

I ride the Sea Bus every day in Vancouver and use my iPod to keep up with the great podcast series from Ted Talks –> http://www.ted.com


2 David Wees { 09.09.08 at 3:28 am }

Most of those videos don’t really require the video though. You may be able to extract/convert the audio in the pitches to something useful.

I ended up just doing work in a different window on my computer and listening the pitches on my ear phones (after downloading all of them).

3 Jarrod Bell { 09.09.08 at 4:16 pm }

That worked for one of them, but the flv flash videos aren’t supported yet on the ipods.

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