Ken’s Impressions of the Pitch Pool

I also have a decided lack of business and financial knowledge (my Dad still does my taxes, but he’s also an accountant).  I’m going to do my best to comment on the Recombo and Ingenia pitches.

I found that the representative from Recombo had a more fluid and confident delivery than the representative from Ingenia.  The use of a slide presentation to accompany both presentations was helpful but I did feel that the representative from Ingenia focused too much on reading much of the slide presentation as she continued along through her presentation.

The representative from Recombo did a good job of referring to the slide presentation without having to read it word for word.  I have been to too many workshops as an educator where the presenter has simply read a PowerPoint presentation to the group.  The slide presentation was used as a reference point instead of forming the basis for the whole presentation.   The explanations given were quite clear as as I found myself beginning to understand what they were actually marketing.

The representative from Ingenia did offer services which I felt were more relevant to my area of interest, that being education.  Their target market was also very interesting because I never would have thought of Vietnam as an obvious market to move into.  It was obvious that the presenter had personally researched the market directly by traveling to the country.  I would think though that any potential investors would want to have more information before investing the amount of money being discussed in the presentation.

It certainly appeared that both companies had done their homework, particularly in terms of what niche they wanted to fill.  Recombo and Ingenia both had partnerships already in place which would probably help with investor confidence.  Ingenia gave a much better breakdown of what they were looking for from investors and how that investment would be utilized.

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the pitches.  This is the first time I’ve ever viewed a pitch before (apart from the vacuum salesman I couldn’t get out of my house once) and I found it very interesting.  Hopefully as the course goes along I’ll gain more insight into them.




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