Rocombo and Ingenia

First, let me point out that if there is a business minded bone in my body, I haven’t found it yet. I feel like I am out of my element. After watching all the clips, I felt that I must have been missing something… The interview-style pitch did not appear to me like the pitcher wanted anything from me. So I decided to try my roockie hand at only 2 of the examples, that of Rocombo 2004 and Ingenia.

I feel that as an EVA, I would be better equipped if I knew more about the technical aspect of Brad Macphee’s discourse. Nevertheless, I was able to critically analyze some aspects of his pitch.

For one, I found him to be extremely credible. Although he faltered in his speech several times, something that may give the impression that the presenter lacks confidence, he made up for this with his obvious expertise. Like the artist pitcher, he seems consumed by the excitement of his project and less interested in trivial details. In his presentation, he introduced what appeared to be a stellar management team. He established the readiness of the market for his product with concrete examples, being careful to diversify his examples in such a way that several business contexts were included. Where it becomes difficult to for me to decide whether or not I would view his project as being bleeding edge is where lies my own lack of knowledge on the subject. However, Macphee does express the fact that his company is dealing with an extremely competitive market without really enunciating how his project would outshine anything that is already out there.

In the case of Ingenia, it was easier for me to relate because I am in the e-learning business (secondary school online and F2F teacher) and understand somewhat better, both product and market.

Ramona Materi gives me the impression that she is completely devoted to her cause as opposed to being concerned with how she will appear to viewers. Her entire body is engaged in getting the message across. She discretely refers to her notes, yet her delivery is seemless and she appears self-assured. Her company’s affiliations to prominent governmental institutions inspire confidence. Again, Materi stresses her company is challenged by very stiff competition, but she fails to bring out to the forefront what might separate her company from the rest. Something I was looking for in her pitch was a more detailed account Vietnam’s growing economy and concrete reasoning as to why the Vietnamese population is an ideal fermenting ground for Ingenia’s project. I think that including data on the later would have made market readiness more sturdy. In all, Ingenia appeared to have solid foundations, leardership and goals.


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