Winning Pitch


Here are my thoughts on the pith pool examples: Recombo, Ingenia, UBC Office of Learning Technology and UBC IT Services.

In terms of both presentation style and content, the pitch of Ingenia outshines them all. Ms Ramona Materi talks to the audience in a very clear and succinct manner. Her manner of speech reflects her enthusiasm and passion into this venture. Her presentation easily captures the attention of listeners. Without going much into the validity and quality of their venture visions, CEO seems credible, the management team seems to be in order, the business model seems feasible and convincing, the product seems competitive and market ready, they have an edge, their destination is clear, and investment return is clearly presented. With this excellent pitch, I would think that Ingenia would at least piqué the interest of investors.

With respect to Recombo, I felt that they are already a highly accomplished venture which does not need any more of my investment. Both the UBC Office of Learning Technology and UBC IT Services seem to be telling me that they are so contented and confident with their funding that they are not at all interested in getting any of my support. They put me on the receiving end of support rather than as a partner or sponsor.



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