Terms link not working on Other Business Concepts to Explore

I’m getting a 500 error on the link (http://www.ic.gc.ca/epic/site/stgc-evcc.nsf/en/00043e.html) listed on http://blogs.ubc.ca/etec522/phase-1-getting-started/mod2business-bootcamp/other-business-concepts-to-explore/ . Definitely a problem on their side that might clear up.

Is there another site with similar info the people have found?



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1 davidp { 09.15.08 at 8:11 am }

Working now.

I landed the link at “exit strategies” to be congruent with the end of this module.

But you can see by the left side navigation at this Industry Canada site that there are other useful reference sections provided by this federal government department for potential entrepreneurs and venture developers.


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