Using CUBE to evaluate Scholaris

Scholaris  is a Portal based learning gateway that the school district that I am an Administrator in has been rolling out over the past year.  I was one of the “champions” that was chosen to helped pilot scholaris as a solution to our lack of an e-learning platform.

Face 1 – Market Focus

The market focus for Scholaris is the K-12 public schools.  There are 3 products each targeting a different customer in that market.

2.  Types of Offerings

Scholaris offers infrastructure – provides a connected learning environment to allow collaboration between teaching staff and administrators, teachers and students, teachers and parents, students and parents.  The Through the internal portal District staff have access to the district servers from anywhere that they have internet access.  They can manage lessons, meetings, collaboration with colleagues and all components of their teaching.  Parents and students are granted permissions to access parts of the school portal. “In a single program the whole school community will have highly secure access to everything they need. ” (

 3.  Who is the Buyer?

In the case of our school district the learning is bought centrally -local guide offers to the learner.   After having the program piloted by several administrators and teachers within the district the purchasing decision was made centrally  and was imposed upon the entire district with the caveat that support would be provided at each phase of the rollout process. 

4.  Global Markets

Wired anglophone countries, Malaysia and Singapore.

5.  Development of the Market

The market supports the Import of Content and infrastructure?  I’m a little unclear how to go about dissecting this part of the analysis of Scholaris.  I would say that the market freely imports content and infrastructure to some extent. Local businesses tend to concentrate on services work. Any school district could replace previously imported products for various reasons including content or price but there are not many or any local companies producing similar products for export.

6 – Learning Technology Competing with Other Forms of Learning

The e-learning in this case works with and supports a well developed learning system.  After using Scholaris for the last 2 years I don’t believe that  Scholaris has developed to substitute or replace existing public education systems.  In their own words,

“Scholaris International is a software development company focused on building innovative solutions to improve teaching and learning across the global education market. Scholaris International’s flagship product “Scholaris Learning Gateway” provides an enriched and stimulating student centric learning environment, transforming education for the 21st century.  Scholaris allows;

  • Students have their own rich and engaging digital learning environment which is accessible anywhere anytime, where they can share, communicate, collaborate and complete assignments and activities.
  • Teachers are provided with a unified interface of applications, tools and student centric data allowing them to tailor an actionable curriculum for the student’s individual needs. Teachers are also able to communicate, collaborate and share content, curriculum, lessons and learning objects thereby fostering the use of best practise.
  • Parents have simple and seamless access to information, such as their child’s academic performance, attendance, workload, events and news enabling a richer engagement with their child’s learning and their school community.

Administrators are able to interpret and make informed decisions from a central view of information thus improving leadership and strategic direction.” (


1 David Vogt { 09.16.08 at 4:41 pm }

Good job. In something like this case – where you are very close to the product – it would be interesting to hear brief opinions about why Scholaris was adopted, how competing products might have fit on the cube, and whether Scholaris’s strategy related to the cube seems correct.

2 Bruce Spencer { 09.20.08 at 7:13 pm }

Hi Bryan

I watched the promo video on this software. It reminded me of two other programs Lotus Notes and eSIS in terms of their functionality and connectivity.

Micsosoft is certainly in a position to market Scholaris in much the same way as they have with Explorer and Microsoft Office. Do you think this product has the potential to dominate the marketplace as did their other products?

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