Three Deal Making Principles

According to Joan Wood Moser, “Intrigue opens the deal, Facts justify the deal and Emotion closes the deal”.

Read about Why Investor Pitches Fail to Deliver.


1 davidp { 09.16.08 at 10:13 pm }

This is a nice little mantra and article, and one that could be useful as you all develop your own venture pitches for A3.


2 Deepika Sharma { 09.17.08 at 8:23 am }

I liked the article! Thanks for sharing Susan.


3 David De Pieri { 09.17.08 at 4:29 pm }

re: “Analysis Shows Why Investors Pitch Fails To Deliver”
Good find Susan

I find as we breeze through the net finding material for this course, many key terms keep re-appearing. In the article by Joan W. Moser, she states, “investors aren’t investing in the business, they are investing in you.” Words like, “intrigue – credible and trustworthy – friendly, open and honest” seem to be the attributes that a successful entrepreneur possesses. We are talking about personality traits here.

Fast forward to The same message comes from Patrick Jones, Esq.

“For both startups and more established businesses, the goal is the same: To get people as
excited about your business as you are. You want a pitch that is honest, intriguing, and sparks someone’s interest, leading them to say, ‘Tell me more.”

We’ve done a great job dissecting the 4 videos, Recombo, Ingenia et al, too bad we couldn’t find out more about the true personalities of the people in the videos. Do they have the chutzpah to pass this test?

FYI – I’m keeping a list of all key terms on a sticky note which you know will be useful in developing Assignment 3.

4 nancy castonguay { 10.05.08 at 8:14 am }

Although I don’t think it makes that much sense, the affective aspect of persuasion is central to the outcome. The popularity of politicians is a perfect example.

For those of you who watched the American vice-presidential debate, the popularity of both Bidal and Palin was quantified in the graph at the bottom of the screen. Apparently, winking at the audience did not increase popularity, however, misty eyes did.

According to open-air interviews on the Bill Good show, Canadians are more likely to vote for a candidate they like and trust, regardless of his/her party. Poor Mr. Dion,, regardless of his credentials, is struggling to improve his image.

An interesting social phenomenon… how can investors know… in 10 minutes?

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