Alan’s views on Recombo and Ingenia

Both presentations were convincing and easy to watch.  In Recombo the company has changed with the need/? and this is good.  I am a little uneasy about the  large turn around.  Was this always in the design, or just what exactly caused the large shift.  It is not clear in the presentation.  The first presentation was very “silicone valley” , relaxed, open shirt, whereas the second was more “business” with shirt and tie, etc.  This may be healthy growth, but is there a hint of non specific direction, or indecision?  All in all a  case to support this opportunity could be made, but another presentation could place this one out of contention.

Ingenia looks good on the outside, but I am hesitant about their expertise.  I would like to know more about the “guru” status of the presenter and why is it that with all the cultural concerns, are they working with Vietnam, without a solid base at home?  There may be very good reasons for all these concerns, but it is not clear in the prersentation.  Again I have some concerns and another project may be more rewarding.

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1 davidp { 09.19.08 at 10:07 am }

Thanks for this pitch analysis, Alan. Nice succinct commentary.

I think the Recombo change of target is noted in other posts. This happens. Markets change and sometimes the underlying technology in a product development venture becomes a better fit for a more focused niche.

The management team has changed too. This is another indicator of a more focused market play – a refinement aimed at a direct hit, rather than a glancing blow.


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