Elluminate (http://www.elluminate.com/index.jsp) promotes itself as an elearning or web conferencing solution for real-time online learning. The company is headquartered both in Calgary and Fort Lauderdale. The website mentions that Elluminate is “the winner of several prestigious awards, the company is also one of Deloitte’s 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies and is positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing, 2007.”

Through LearnNowBC (http://www.learnnowbc.ca/educators/OnlineToolsResources/), BC teachers have free access to Elluminate online meeting rooms and training. I have only had one brief training session, so I’m not really familiar with Elluminate, but here goes!

Face 1: Market Focus
According to its website, Elluminate seems to be targeting all three areas of the market: k-12, higher education, and training needs.

Face 2: Types of Offerings
Elluminate offers infrastructure in the form of a virtual classroom/meeting place. Elluminate Professional Services targets services: Elluminate training; custom implementation through content conversion, etc; integration support (integrating with learning management systems, for example); event hosting; technical support.

Face 3: Who is the Buyer?
The learning is bought for the learner, rather than the learner buying it for him/herself. In most cases, it seems that the learning is bought centrally (the corporation or, in BC’s case, the provincial authority). For BC teachers, training is available through Elluminate, but it is up to the local school to implement local changes in order to create an optimal learning experience for the students.

Face 4: Global Markets
The Elluminate website states that Elluminate is used in 185 different countries. It appears that Elluminate could be used with all of the markets except for “Other Regions with Restricted or Poor Quality Internet Service.” Although Elluminate claims to work with speeds as low as 28.8 kbps, it certainly won’t work if there is no connectivity. Markets with different languages could use the virtual meeting rooms. I am not sure about the ability of Elluminate to work with other alphabet sets (I can’t imagine that the text area would support this), but there would still be some value in the application sharing and the virtual meeting rooms.

Face 5: Development of the Market
Elluminate would work well on the right-hand side of this face – in markets that import or export of content and infrastructure. Elluminate might also work in a market that only supports custom work or indigenous suppliers. Because Elluminate can provide just the virtual meeting place, the content can be developed locally.

Face 6: Learning Technology Competing with Other Forms of Learning
This technology seems to fit best where there is already a well-developed learning system. It could also provide a substitute for other forms of learning by displacing face-to-face learning.


1 Jarrod Bell { 09.18.08 at 10:45 pm }

Hi Gillian, I had the pleasure to teach a mixed classroom with one student in Fort Nelson and the rest of my class in Fort St John using elluminate. I love the fact that this allows you to have an archived version of your class available on the web. I simply posted links on my class moodle site. Students at a distance or away for the day could log in an participate as long as they had a decent connection. I’d be pretty skeptical about their 28.8 claim…

We also just finished two days of BCeSIS training with about 7 hours a day on elluminate with a trainer in Victoria. I’m going to try and setup a BCPSEA meeting here with elluminate for a couple of regional trustees that cannot attend.

The costs associated with the licenses that the provincial authority has taken on are minuscule compared to the savings the province is seeing in travel and expenses! As an EVA I would definitely invest in this company!


2 Cheryl Milner { 09.19.08 at 8:47 am }

I’ve participated (live) as a user a few times using Elluminate and also referenced canned versions. It is a terrific tool. They have also done an amazing job of marketing the tool by giving people easy access and training. I too would invest some of my beans. Wondering know if it is traded on one of the stock exchanges?

3 Marc Kampschuur { 09.19.08 at 5:36 pm }

Per Wikipedia, Elluminate is a privately held company.

The founders likely had cash available after selling the software to Symantec commonly known as Norton 2000.

Note the tie into to what EVAs look for – the founders are experts in the industry, older, have a 20 year working relationship, and a track record (grew EraSoft to 75 million US in sales in 18 months).

4 davidp { 09.19.08 at 5:50 pm }

Exactly what angels and venture funders are looking for when they ask, “Who is on the team?”

Nice sleuthing.


5 Gillian Gunderson { 09.19.08 at 7:34 pm }

The “About Us” page leads to a Senior Management page. This page lists fairly detailed information about the senior management team members. Marc is correct in noting that this seems like an experienced team.

There’s mention of Viasoft ( now ASG Software) in the backgrounds of several of the management team. It seems that there is a connection between the team members that has proven successful in the past, and could bode well for the future.

6 Gillian Gunderson { 09.19.08 at 7:35 pm }

Interestingly enough, Elluminate is now being talked about as a possible alternative to the Vista chat room currently used in my other ETEC course.

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