Delmar Cengage Learning

Delmar Cengage Learning

Delmar Cengage Learning is a place where if you wish to improve your knowledge in electronics it’s the place to go. You will find products including books and software, developed in conjunction with leading electronics technology educators and trainers, for DC/AC circuits, Circuit Fundamentals, Circuit Analysis, Electronic Devices, Electronic Communications and more.

Market Focus

The Delmar site is targeted more specifically towards and educator for teaching and personal learning purposes but with that said it offers advanced learning for those students looking at furthering their education.


There is a 1-800 number that you can call to find our more of what they will offer to you if you chose to sign up with them. It does not actually state on the site what that offer would be.

The Buyer

Like mentioned above the buyer would most likely be an educator. It does not offer a price list on the site.

Global Markets

From reviewing the site I would say that this site and these products are targeted more towards those who speak English. It does not look like the products are written for any other countries.

Development of the Market

The site at the moment does not show in any way any form of further development.

Competing with Other Forms of Learning

With the budget cuts coming into districts it is getting harder and harder to purchase many items at once. It is now becoming more reasonable to purchase a software which can be loaded to many computers and allow for students to work almost at their own pace. With the tutorials those students who are ahead of the rest can move forward and not become restless.

One problem with this though is that it does not allow for students to take things home to complete so everything must always be done in class.

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1 davidp { 09.21.08 at 2:36 pm }

Thanks for this analysis, Amber. Is this a system you use? Sounds like it might be given your final comment.

Your comment about student flexibility in using the product sounds like a potential value-add for the company if it could find a way to allow students to use the system in a more place-independent manner.


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