Found this little dilly, check out – it’s a web site that analyzes web sites. Great functions like, global Top 500 sites, country Top 100, the movers and shakers… contacts by department, by level. I appreciate the function that lists the top rated sites and then a brief explanation to what they do or what they are. For example, I read about Flickr in the 522 blogs and now realize it’s almost like Photobucket which is what I use. Now there’s another one out there, ImageShack. Go figure…

Alexa also gives you a page view count or site count. Go to your favourite site and then click on the number at the end of the words, for example, Photobucket has a traffic rank of ” 27 or 29″ depending on top 500 or 100. Click on the number and some interesting stats appear re: that site.

I spent way too much time blasting around in there. One other thing, is general discussion the most appropriate spot for this message?



1 davidp { 09.22.08 at 8:57 am }

There had to be something like Alexa, right?

Clearly, you can make a service business on the periphery of the actual applications on the Net, and Alexa shows how.

From another posting about businesses on the periphery of open source applications.

These are indeed viable business opportunities.


2 Carolann Fraenkel { 09.22.08 at 4:37 pm }

Google analytics also does the same thing. There is some question about the validity of the data in both places. Alexa uses sampling, and people who compare their server side data say it isn’t even close, google analytics requires javascript (so if you have it turned off your hits aren’t reported. Just FYI


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