Assignments Unveiled?

I figure if I am confused, chances are good that others are too. (at least that’s what I tell my students)

I am having difficulty deciphering the assignments.

Assignment 1 is to be a written piece in an analytical format that will will consider a market environment or a specific venture.  My assumptions follow: (which may be totally off base)

  • this is to be a researched piece with appropriate citations (APA)
  • it will use narative form similar to the articles we have been reading
  • it can consider *any* market or venture

Assignment 2 is a group project about the assigned market presented in some interactive online way

Assignment 3 is the Pitch of the venture written about in Assignment 1

How close am I?


1 Mary Burgess { 09.24.08 at 7:31 pm }

Hi Carolann – pretty close I think. My take is that assignment one, while needing proper citations etc, can be in a form other than a written paper (like a video maybe?), but yes, essentially an analysis (like we did with the cube) of a venture or environment. And I think you’re right on Assignment 3, although maybe it doesn’t have to be pitching the assignment 1 venture. My plan is actually to analyse the current e-learning enviro where I work for assignment 1, then in assignment 3 I’m going to pitch an educational technology addition to that environmnet.

I think you have it dead-on for Assignment 2.

Hope that helps and that I have a clue what’s going on!


2 David Vogt { 09.25.08 at 11:37 am }

Hi guys –

Yes, Mary has it exactly. For assignment #1 if you are most comfortable with an analytical “essay” format than use it, but I will certainly accept other media and formats that enable you to compellingly convey your analysis. Creativity is welcome.

The subject of assignment #3 is not meant to have any connection with the subject of assignment #1, but it can do so if you wish (and are careful about being constructive rather than repetitive).

Assignment #2 is meant for a group of you to collectively assess and engagingly represent to the rest of us a learning experience regarding the emerging market in question, utilizing a tool or tools which you feel are appropriate to the engagement you’ve designed. You’re very welcome to use WordPress here if that’s what you feel will work best.

Hope this helps clarify the assignments further. Don’t hesitate to blog or email me if you have additional questions.


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