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check out, the “

269 magazines for sharing strategies, techniques, best practices, and case-studies for the management, design, development, and delivery of e-Learning – dated back to March 5/2002 – read the abstract on the right hand column of the article, very insightful.

1438 e-Learning tools, technologies, products and services found in the e-Learning Guilds’ Buyers Guide and who are supporters of the Guild.

PLUS e-Learning books, the e-Learning Insider, blogs, research library, online forums, what people are saying, job board, educational discounts… tons of stuff.   Not cheap though.

99$ US gets basic membership plan or 695 US gets you the “Member” plus plan.  Premium Membership, you don’t even want to know… Just in case you have a couple extra bucks in your pocket… try  $1695.00

Would I purchase a “one only” subscription for my school, for a 100 bucks,

I think I would… maybe one years worth anyway.

check out, Author: Jason Shaeffer – Published Date: 06/02/2008 – sounds interesting.


Many readers are already using synchronous e-Learning tools to deliver instruction live and on line. However, there are many other uses for these tools in education and in corporate settings. This week’s author relates the success of his school with one particular such tool, and offers a number of best practices that you will be able to put to work in creating and delivering effective, competitive programs and curricula.


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The Automatic Professor Machine

A humorous comment on educational technology complete with press release, interview transcript and related products.

As an aside, if I tag (categorize) my post as “uncategorized”, is it?

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