Assignment 1 Jitters…

I have a few questions (fears!) regarding assignment 1.

1. In our course schedule it is stated that this is due at the end of week 6, so this means Oct. 12th right?

2. If I choose to analyse an existing business venture, can I use De Coster & Butler’s paper as a guideline?

I have NO experience with business, venture analysis… just keeping up with the acronyms is a mental gymnastics for me… so please bare along with me…

3. If I choose a a venture analysis, how can I find relevant data? For example, I was interested in the Jing Project… but how can I tell who these people really are… what their business plan is… what level of completion they are at? how can I base my essay on facts rather than speculate?

I mean, I can relate this venture to many of the topics and models we have discussed thus far. More particularly, to the assessment methodology proposed in De Coster & Butler… the Cube also proposes a multifaceted approach of its own… I just want to make sure that I am on the right track here… and that I am not barking at the wrong tree!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.



October 6, 2008   5 Comments


Just wanted to add my 2¢ and kudos to the organizers of this past week’s activities on freeweb! It was thought provoking and quite a bit of fun too! Well done on an easy-to-participate, engaging module!


October 6, 2008   4 Comments