Assignment 1 Jitters…

I have a few questions (fears!) regarding assignment 1.

1. In our course schedule it is stated that this is due at the end of week 6, so this means Oct. 12th right?

2. If I choose to analyse an existing business venture, can I use De Coster & Butler’s paper as a guideline?

I have NO experience with business, venture analysis… just keeping up with the acronyms is a mental gymnastics for me… so please bare along with me…

3. If I choose a a venture analysis, how can I find relevant data? For example, I was interested in the Jing Project… but how can I tell who these people really are… what their business plan is… what level of completion they are at? how can I base my essay on facts rather than speculate?

I mean, I can relate this venture to many of the topics and models we have discussed thus far. More particularly, to the assessment methodology proposed in De Coster & Butler… the Cube also proposes a multifaceted approach of its own… I just want to make sure that I am on the right track here… and that I am not barking at the wrong tree!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.




1 Joey Dabell { 10.06.08 at 1:58 pm }

Hey Nancy,

I hear you about the assignment jitters.

1) Like you I am assuming Oct. 12th and that we email our assignment to David V.

2) I think you can use De Coster and Butler. (The assignment rubric says “… either evaluated against the Cube, or another venture schema…”). I’ve actually found points in De Coster and Butler, and in Wilson et al. ( that I’ve kind of blended with the ETEC 522 CUBE analysis. I think we’re free to use any of the frameworks that resonate with us as long there is a clearly expressed rationale.

3) The Jing Project is done by the TechSmith Camtasia, etc folks who have a pretty strong following where I work. Perhaps the PC World reviews on the Jing blog, etc. can provide more leads, and help to inform your analysis. I’m thinking that if there is key information you don’t find, that would also inform your analysis, just in a different way. But I bet you’ll find a good amount of relevant info.

I don’t have much business experience either. I’ve been trying to approach this from the perspective of weighing what I see in my venture topic with the analysis tools and articles we’ve been reading. So as you say, just relating my analysis to what we’ve discussed so far, providing my rationale, and hoping that my interpretation will make sense.

I too hope I’m not barking up the wrong tree, and that this helps.


2 nancy castonguay { 10.06.08 at 3:09 pm }

Thanks so much for the feedback and the leads… I am a HUGE fan of the Jing Project, another challenge for me will be to conclude my findings in a non-biased way!

3 Cheryl Milner { 10.06.08 at 3:13 pm }

I did a google search for the De Coster & Butler assessment and found it would cost 31 English pounds to get a PDF. Did I miss it among our notes? Could someone please send a link, if readily available?

Thanks so much.


4 Joey Dabell { 10.06.08 at 3:23 pm }

5 Carolann Fraenkel { 10.07.08 at 6:12 am }

you need to log into VPN to use the link.

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