Analysis prose query

Quick query re: our Assignment 1 (I put this on a comment to another question, but wanted to be sure that others would see the answer to this question)

Is it acceptable to include inline hyperlinks within the text of whatever document we provide in our analysis? I am assuming that APA documenting rules would also mandate the use of further documentation in the Bibliography/Work Cited area too?

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Module 5 last days

Hi All, last couple of days for Module 5.

We’ve seen an increase in the discussions in the last couple of days. Please share your thoughts in our Google discussion group if you have not been able to (you’ll need a Google account to contribute) @

We have a couple surveys in the pages that we would love some more responses to. Please take a few moments to fill them out so we can have a better perspective of the mobile ecology represented by our classmates.

It has been great reading your thoughts, we look forward to some more over the weekend!


Team #5

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Assignment #1 Reminder

Hi everyone – just a reminder that Assignment #1 is due by end of day on October 12.  Please email it to me at david dot vogt at ubc dot ca.

You can also email me with any last minute questions you might have.



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