Analysis prose query

Quick query re: our Assignment 1 (I put this on a comment to another question, but wanted to be sure that others would see the answer to this question)

Is it acceptable to include inline hyperlinks within the text of whatever document we provide in our analysis? I am assuming that APA documenting rules would also mandate the use of further documentation in the Bibliography/Work Cited area too?


1 Laura Macleod { 10.12.08 at 4:21 am }

Hi DB-

I’m not sure what the answer to your question about inline hyperlinks is, but APA style would definitely require listing any website used in the body of the paper, in the Reference list as well. You can always check for the latest or get a good handbook. I like the Canadian Writer’s Guide, myself. Declaration of conflict: it is one of my books! – but it is a great handbook, written by two BC profs.

2 David Vogt { 10.13.08 at 7:11 am }

Hi – thanks for this question – yes, I’m happy with inline hyperlinks (as long as they work!). DavidV

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