Module 6 – Open Source

First, our group want to extend a sincere thank you to the cohort of your participation and contribution to the module.  We received positive feedback from you but we just provided the framework so a well done to the cohort.

Second, if you would like to explore Moodle from the teacher’s side please send an email to me (Marc_MET@shaw. ca) with your sign on to the site and I will change your role to teacher (can see the features available to manage forums, monitor participation…).

Third, the chat transcript is available on the site – simply navigate to the chat activity, open the activity and click on “View past chat sessions” (top right) the “See this session” (bottom right).

Best regards, Group 6

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1 Susan Wilson { 10.26.08 at 10:30 am }

Here is an interesting presentation by Alec Couros of the University of Regina. He explains how open source technologies were critical in his development of an open, online grad course.

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