Module 9: Serious Game Environments – Wrapping-up

Thank you ETEC 522 class for your great participation in this week’s presentation! We’ve got over 200 posts in response to our discussion topics and still counting! We’re learning a great deal from your insight and are very pleased with this outcome. We invite you to keep sharing your opinions through Google Groups and take a moment to participate in our survey (located on our homepage

Have a great week-end!

Team 9 – Doug, Fetya, Dieder, Joey & Joe


1 Crystal Pullman { 11.08.08 at 5:17 pm }

Hey guys,

Good job! I think everyone’s enjoyed your presentation this week!
If possible, could you link the link in your message, please? That way we don’t all have to copy and paste it.


2 fetya { 11.08.08 at 11:30 pm }

Hi Crystal! We’re really glad you enjoyed the learning experience!

Great advice, I’ve linked the URL so you just need to click on it and you’ll be redirected.


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