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Hi.  Saw book recommendations here and there through the modules, perhaps we can create a thread here with titles, authors, subject, and reason for recommendation (in time for the dark of winter).


1 Laura Macleod { 11.14.08 at 3:57 pm }

Hey Marc

The author both David and I were talking about was Neal Stephenson – David had read The Diamond Age, and I was saying that Cryptonomicon was one of my favourites. Virtually anything he’s written is well worth reading if you like intelligent science fiction, although I haven’t tried his latest historical trilogy.

Happy reading!

2 Carolann Fraenkel { 11.15.08 at 7:56 pm }

The trilogy is also really good. I have read all his books.


3 Carolann Fraenkel { 11.15.08 at 8:05 pm }

Things I have read lately that I find relevant to MET:


Leonardo’s Laptop: Human Needs and the New Computing Technologies, Ben Shneiderman

What Video Games have to teach us about Learning and Literacy, James Paul Gee

An Imaginative Approach to Teaching, Kieran Egan


My all time favorite –

Snow Crash, Neil Stephenson. You have to love this book, the main character is named Hero Protagonist. 🙂

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