For the third time! Dumbed down reply

Here we go again, I just spend I don’t know how long responding to this post, hit ‘submit’, but my post has miraculously disappeared! Moral of the story: alway copy your work before submitting!

The gist of it was that I liked the article; I agree that our students often seem incapable of working at their grade level. But I wondered how much had to do with technology overdose and how much had to do with the education system. Students arrive in grade 9, many, reading at a grade 4-5 level, if that. Nevertheless, they have been promoted for 8 years even though they could not read. I think students no longer read because they don’t know how and have never been held accountable for much. They are overly babied, resulting in them perceiving their failures as someone else’s fault. It’s almost always ‘the teacher failed me’, and almost never, ‘I failed’. It seems that we have lowered standards across the board to accommodate illiterate students; even colleges and universities in France are admitting that they must ‘dumb’ down their instruction because many students cannot read and write at the required level.


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