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1 Michael Awmack { 11.24.08 at 9:14 pm }

Cori, you have an interesting and well laid-out executive summary. You present a reasonable “ask” with a clearly defined timeline. My concern would be with the marketability of such a product. How is success measured? How would you sell the benefits of Edu-breathe to school districts? Perhaps if you incorporated even a short comment on the marketing plan/business model, this pitch would get picked up. It’s a really interesting concept.

2 David Wees { 11.27.08 at 1:13 am }

Assessing the Need

You describe a simple need that everyone has, students, parents and faculty/staff included.

Well-defined Target

Your audience is a well defined target, although I think you could easily market your product to a larger market.


Your management team is described and is clear. A description of who is on your team would be a good idea.


This is an interesting idea, and fills an obvious need. The fact that it is overlooked by most people will make selling the product a bit more difficult.


Your product seems to fall within the feasible range no problem. It seems that all of the technology exists to make your idea come alive already.


Your plan for the future seems a bit lacking. What is your growth plan? How will you handle possible exponential growth in the 3rd quarter of your business if it happens?


How are you planning on distributing your product? How will the day to day operations of your company happen?


Since stress is a major factor in our lives for the foreseeable future, growth for your company seems like it is likely to happen. One issue will be, what can you do to handle market saturation (when everyone has a copy of your product already or a similar product)?

Social Impact

If your product is successful in relieving stress levels, it will have a large social impact as many programs in high school increase students’ stress levels rather than reducing their stress levels.


Your presentation is clear and easy to follow, and what you are offering is easily found in both your executative summary and your video. I liked how well prepared you were for your video, 5 minutes in a row without error means a lot of practice has happened. Nice work.

Your product seems like it is a necessary one. It would have been nice to see a sample of it in action though so I could better evaluate how well it works.

3 Cheryl Milner { 11.27.08 at 11:39 am }

Hi Cori,

This is a genuine and necessary adjunct to the our DPA curriculum and it’s great you have taken it on.

You had a strong start in establishing your bona fides and made a good case for the inclusion of this subject in our BC curriculum. One thought I had was for you to approach the Ministry and see if you can get on the planning committee for future revisions. That way, your agenda for integrating these ideas are more likely to happen.

Your online “brochure” and video were very effective and you were succinct in your delivery.

As I believe this concept should be included in the Ministry of Education’s portfolio, I would not put funding into this project. That is not to say it is not worthwhile, it is extremely important and critical as our children’s lives become increasingly complex.


Would you be so kind as to review my presentation, I was late and am out of the loop for having my work assigned to specific students.

Many thanks,

4 Drew Murphy { 11.27.08 at 3:57 pm }

Hi Cori: Your product pitch stands out from many of the other pitches in its innovative and relatively unusual approach to technology applications in education. In this way you’ve achieved an important step in the pitch process: getting the EVA’s attention to see what your angle on the marketplace is.

I think the content of your main pitch is very useful. You present the ideas of classroom need and educational value thoroughly. And, at times, the brilliance of your idea shines through when its put up against the ministry’s immense push for healthy living. If you took your pitch and divided it up into visual sections, this feeling would occur more often in your audience. The spoken word just doesn’t hang around long enough to consistently connect the stream of ideas and data together into a persuasive thing.

But that’s not to say your pitch is not effective. I personally think there are many, many teachers who would see the value in this approach, especially at the elementary level. It seems a bit out there to some people, but that’s where your insight as a principal for 20 years could show a unique insight into an untapped market. Couple your experience and savvy with the Ministry’s desperate need for a healthy schools curriculum and you might demonstrate a real need for computers at the elementary level. You almost did this but……. Another iteration with visuals while demonstrating super confidence in your insight and you’ve got a true classroom innovation here people will believe in.

5 Bruce Spencer { 11.27.08 at 9:17 pm }


I liked your YouTube pitch for Edu-Breathe is simplistic and effective. Your message about stress and your ideas for tackling it at the school level are sound and doable. Is this something you see being done at the classroom level first thing in the morning? How do you propose to bring teachers on side?

We take 15 minutes in the morning to run through some stretching exercises before we begin our work day and I have to admit, we all feel good for doing so afterwards. I keep thinking how nice it would be if we could expand the program to include 30 minutes doing a cardiovascular workout. Your Edu-Breathe program would also be a good fit, particularly since it targets stress.

What’s best about your venture is that it wouldn’t cost all that much to implement. No money it, however, which makes it difficult to sell to venture capitalists.



6 Alex { 11.27.08 at 10:07 pm }

Hi Cori,

You made a good and persuasive presentation.

Although your stress management technique itself does not seem scientifically sound, bringing the issues of stress and stress management to schools in itself has great merit. The use of E-Z Air may have some appeal to students, parents and teachers. The stress management program has potential commercial values. Talking about stress management and having fun with this program alone is a merit to stress reduction. On the other hand, the funding requirement you are expecting is small enough. The cost to effect ratio seems good.

Please provide more detailed information on how the fund will be spent on what duration of time. Please also provide me with your detailed stress management system along with the references of relevant scientific research done in this field. It would be extremely helpful if you could provide me with some examples where your stress management technique was used previously, achieving successful results.

Congratulations on your interesting venture proposition.


7 Crystal Pullman { 11.30.08 at 12:31 am }

Hi Cori!

Edu-breathe, wow, very unique! I agree with you that stress for students and teachers today is most certainly an important issue to address. The point of school is not to see how well students can perform under stress or in stressful situations, but instead, to help them learn.

I think you’ve got a great concept here. Like others have mentioned I think that I might be a bit concerned about how … your company, Edu-breathe, would reap the financial reward of this program, even if it’s just to break even as a non-profit business. Once you’ve taught teachers how to use breathing in their classrooms, your part will end. There’s not an ongoing cost associated, which is great for the schools, but not for you.

In any case, very creative!

8 Jagpal Uppal { 11.30.08 at 11:13 am }

Hi Cori,

The idea of stress management is definately worth investigating further. Many of my colleagues have already pointed out that as an EVA, the revenue stream might dry up after schools have implemented the product. (ie. there is no long term revenue stream…..only in developing new markets).

That being said, your idea has the potential to improve public education and help our students and teachers manage stress and live healthier lives. Excellent IDEA!

My sister is into yoga and introduced me to one form of yoga called “Kundalini” and it focusses on making us aware of our breathing. During my first practicum, I used many of the breathing strategies at recess time and found it helped in keeping my stress down and energy level up.

So many kids, teachers, and parents are looking to prescription and non-prescription medicines, that we are often over looking simple remedies like breathing!

Excellent venture idea. I think you could obtain revenue by helping schools/districts implement “Edu-Breathe” and yearly do follow up workshops.

Thanks for sharing!

9 David De Pieri { 11.30.08 at 11:41 am }

Well…. Cori, if you were attempting to sell us on a product that is real or fictitious, you certainly accomplished that. You used all the buzz words and included the appropriate individuals who are, “steeped in knowledge…” a good strategy.

With the Ministry’s new physical activity initiative, I wonder if Edu-Breathe would fit the bill?

I can’t agree more that today’s life styles are affecting our kids and that we do need to slow down for the sake of our children. A very powerful motivator where parents now need to step up to the plate and set the tone and pace. – yes, I am aware of this site, someone mentioned it to me a while ago. Maybe he thought I move too fast…???

Wikipedia has a Slow Movement insertion – – “The Slow Movement is a cultural shift toward slowing down life’s pace.”

Great presentation, only wish I could have seen a demonstration on the “YTube.”

2 thumbs upward…


10 Deepika Sharma { 12.01.08 at 8:24 am }


What a unique idea. I could only view parts of the Youtube video though! But I get the drift!

Personally, I practice pranayama – yogic breathing and am well-versed with its benefits.

Having been a principal you would know how to work on administrators to buy into this venture…that would be the most challenging aspect! Stress does not evoke reaction for most of us till it comes to us in the form of a heart failure or something like that – until then most are in denial, particularly for younger children. Thus the preventive aspect of wellness is an oft ignored area. Yourventure does well to address it.

However, in my country (because we treat yoga as something that grows in our backyard…) to get funding for this would be a challenge. However, it may do us well to stop taking this for granted and evolving products such as yours to implement in a school system. But the “buy-in” is going to be tough so you may need to attack the problem from different perspectives 🙂 I haven’t made it easy for you, have I?

All the best with going live!


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