Resource Sharing using

I’ve created a file sharing website for teachers to upload and share their digital resources called

My venture pitch for this resource is accessible from

Update: Video now available on Youtube at greatly decreased quality.


Now to go finish my venture analysis so I can email it in!  Good luck everyone!

November 22, 2008   17 Comments

Interactive Feedback Machine

Hi Everyone,

I’ve put my pitch and executive summary on a Google sites page.  The link to the pitch on Youtube and the summary (see the bottom of the page as an attachment) are found there.  It’s my first time with Google Sites, so hopefully things work.  The “Interactive Feedback Machine” is presented for your consideration, and even has a brief cameo (sort of) of Dr. Vogt.  Enjoy!



November 22, 2008   10 Comments

Teacher Partner System (TPS)

Hi Everyone,

I had a difficult time uploading my Executive Summary into a viewable and presentable format.  While I looked at a bunch of options, I settled with Publisher as I thought it would be the easiest in designing a visually appealing publication.

I did not forsee the challenges in uploading the file to a google site or wordpress.  In the end, I took a screen shot of my Executive Summary and pasted it into MS Word to upload below.  The links do work, but you have to press CTRL & Click using your mouse.  I hope you find it informative and enjoyable.  If you would like the direct publisher or html file, please email me and I will gladly attach it for you.

email:  uppal_jagpal(at)



Jag Uppal

November 22, 2008   16 Comments


Hello Everyone

Because of where I work, I am unable to use YouTube as access to this site is restricted. I’ve had to resort to a PowerPoint Presentation instead.

I tried loading a .htm as well as a .mht file to demonstrate my pitch but this site would not allow me to load these files. I switched it over to a PDF file which is a shame because it looks and works so much better in a browser.

The PowerPoint (Pitch) is best viewed either in a new window or in a seperate tab. Double click on the picture to activate the presentation.

Pitch     Sound for Pitch

The website (Collide) is below


Cheers all!


November 22, 2008   13 Comments