Hello Everyone

Because of where I work, I am unable to use YouTube as access to this site is restricted. I’ve had to resort to a PowerPoint Presentation instead.

I tried loading a .htm as well as a .mht file to demonstrate my pitch but this site would not allow me to load these files. I switched it over to a PDF file which is a shame because it looks and works so much better in a browser.

The PowerPoint (Pitch) is best viewed either in a new window or in a seperate tab. Double click on the picture to activate the presentation.

Pitch     Sound for Pitch

The website (Collide) is below


Cheers all!



1 Michael Awmack { 11.24.08 at 9:12 pm }

Hi Bruce, I think I know what you’re getting at, but the executive summary is somewhat vague. Perhaps you could incorporate an example of what you mean by “synchronous and asynchronous interactive learning sessions”? If this is a content clearinghouse, what is the model that you are planning to use for it? Just one or two more small details and I would certainly be hooked by this idea.

2 Bruce Spencer { 11.25.08 at 6:32 am }

Hello Michael

Please accept my apologies for the vagueness of my executive summary. I should have posted more of my assignment as I go into a lot more detail on this venture. I wasn’t sure exactly how much of the assignment we were expected to divulge.

I’m glad you liked the pitch overall. I think it would be great to see something like this developed for educators.


3 Cheryl Milner { 11.25.08 at 3:16 pm }

Hi Bruce,
What is great about your presentation is that it resembles other projects that are in full commercial swing. In other words, while your idea may not be fully original, it is so well thought of that others are actually doing it now. Look at Fetya Ahmed’s “Techstreet” project, or the project I am promoting called Odijoo.


4 Gillian Gunderson { 11.26.08 at 1:11 pm }


I really wish we had had the opportunity to see you pitch the way you intended. As it was, it was eye-catching and creative.

In addition, I would have welcomed more detail. I think you should have posted it all! I ended up with lots of questions.

Overall, I thought that it was a very interesting concept and it might have good potential but I wanted to know more.


5 Alex { 11.27.08 at 9:59 pm }

Hi Bruce,

You have presented a dynamic idea with an exciting scenario. It would be nice to have a site of this kind functioning. From your presentation, however, I was not able to grasp your clear market strategy. For a global business, to receive funding from one country to benefit another seems an unreal expectation. I would like to see who the potential investors are for this kind of venture and what size investment you can expect from.

Very interesting idea, but I am not sure about the feasibility. My gut feeling is that this site has to prove its merit even before it finds major investors.


6 Marc Kampschuur { 11.29.08 at 1:06 am }


Appreciate the creative approach to the project (webpage) and work to overcome the obstacles.

Opening the “powerpoint” presentation resulted in the downloading of a word document “the-pitch1.doc” MS Word 97-2004 document. This has three slides – the problem, the solution, and value slides in it. Is that what was intended? Tried with Safari & Firefox. Think I am missing a significant portion of your presentation.

I dont understand your pitch well enough (how do you make money, what do you want…) to offer comment.


7 Laura Macleod { 11.29.08 at 10:43 am }

Bruce –

I love this idea! Your ppt presentation was entertaining and well done and I think you could have a bright future in marketing, show you care to change jobs.

As appealing as I found the idea (and I would definitely be tempted to invest in this one!) I think your underlying infrastructure needs to be much clearer. The ‘hows’ are pretty vague in your presentation. Your executive summary also needed focus to give it more impact. ‘Session’ is too vague a word and doesn’t begin to describe your idea’s exciting promises. I was very glad I moved beyond the executive summary, because the video did a much better job explaining the proposal.

Thanks! Laura

8 Bryan Funk { 11.29.08 at 10:33 pm }

I apologize for repeating some of teh comments but strengths are strengths and presentation and marketing are clearly a place you are well versed.

I would definitely be interested in investing in your venture. More details on how you are planning to make money and on what the investiment will immediately allow you to accomplish. What precisely is teh market strategy?

Well done.


9 Kenneth Heales { 11.29.08 at 11:49 pm }

Hi Bruce,
The presentation of your product was very good. I can understand the obstacles you have had in trying to present your pitch how you wanted to. What you were able to post was very eye catching and professional looking. It would have been nice to see what kind of investment you were looking for and what type of growth you would project for this product. As others have already said, I would have liked more specific information as to the workings of the venture. That being said, your presentation skills are excellent.
All the best,

10 Crystal Pullman { 11.30.08 at 12:42 am }

Hi Bruce!

Like everyone else, I too enjoyed your presentation and can certainly see the value in a company like Collide. It was nice to have the powerpoint, summary, and the pdf version of what a potential website might look like.

Also like others, I think you would need to include more about what you’re asking of investors, as the powerpoint and the mock website seem more like marketing tools to advertise/show to consumers, and less like a pitch for investors.

All that being said, it seems to me like a great idea!


11 Deepika Sharma { 11.30.08 at 4:43 am }

Hi Bruce,

I liked the little snippet about Pune, India being actively considered as a location for expansion (you really have my attention now)…Great! So your EVA from Pune has this to say –

It was a slick prez, a few slides give one a pretty good idea of what the venture is ! I was unable to get to the “Sound for Pitch” – it just did not download for me!

My obesrvations are as follows:

1. You may have included too many features all at once – perhaps you would consider cutting them down and expansing in phases …

2. An idea of costs would be nice.

3. How does this venture differentiate itself from similar products out there? its USP?

If you answer the above – this EVA will invest.


12 Alan Kilistoff { 11.30.08 at 12:06 pm }

Hi Bruce:

Good presentation: I understand the challenges, the sound in my presentation is no where to be found and the audio is 85% of the show. The summary left me unsure, but the rest was good. With the problems, I may not have seen all as intended.

13 Michael Peterson { 11.30.08 at 9:16 pm }


Thanks for your great presentation on Collide. I saw the key purpose of your venture as a catalogue/directory service for learning modules. Key big-picture benefits included opportunity for interesting international-connections, audience creation, and social networking. It’s easy to see how the learning modules/sessions/units/content would be of interest to k-12 or other educators building on the module content.

My biggest questions were around content/supplier vetting, student security and IT security. Secondary issues were language/time zone/technology compatibility. You seemed to have a lot of enthusiasm for the initiative, and you presentation was fun to watch. Good luck with the initiative – it sounds like there are lots of opportunities for someone with a good sense of how this should happen.

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