David’s A3/M12 Assign. 3

Hi All,

A web site I have been developing for Shop Teachers is the basis for my project.  My pitch can be seen at YouTube and will be in 3 sections.  An introduction, a demonstration and conclusion.  Type into the YouTube window, the 3 parts below or click on each.

De Pieri ETEC 522 Part 1

De Pieri ETEC 522 Part 2

De Pieri ETEC 522 Part 3

My old site can be seen at, www.theShopTeacher.com but will be put to rest once my new site comes on line.  http://shopteacher.webmastercms.com/

Thank you, look forward to your critiques.



1 Joey Dabell { 11.25.08 at 11:02 am }


I missed having an executive summary, but your Introduction gave a clear overview of project – what it was, why it came about, where it was going, who was involved, etc. Since you had to break up your videos anyway, and since you didn’t have a separate summary, it might be an idea to revisit how you break up the videos. Perhaps you could introduce a single webpage that summarizes the project while linking to targeted videos that expand from your summary to provide more depth on key pieces.

I wonder if the partners section of the introduction video was a bit long. Maybe it is enough, at least initially, to mention that you have the partners info/emails, and to then provide them in a separate document attachment. It was great to see the demo in Video Part 2 was great, but again, I wondered if could have been a bit shorter, and maybe tying some key points into the proposed website.

I liked how you showed your custom tools in Video Part 3 conclusion. I could really see them adding a unique dimension to your proposed website. And, since the pitch was for a website, as a EVA, I would have liked to also see a bit of a storyboard of your website to help solidify in my mind what was being proposed. I would also like to know who you might plan to supplement your team with in order to get the website developed.

Overall it is a great project and the presentation was really thorough. If storyboard were to be included in your proposal, I would recommend your project be funded.

Best in going forward with the project,

2 David De Pieri { 11.25.08 at 4:46 pm }

Thanks for the advice, Joey.

I didn’t know how to attach an Executive Summary to the post, so I simply cut and pasted it below… hope this works.

ALSO, what do you mean exactly by “story board.”

* * * * *


~ as website for Middle School
and High School Shop Teachers ~

designed and maintained by:
David De Pieri
November, 2008

Introduction – A Web Site dedicated to all subject area teachers of Shop classes including Woodwork, Metalwork, Automotive, Electrical, Drafting and Power Mechanics.

The Issue – No where on the Net is there a comprehensive Web Site dedicated to shop teachers. Many shop teachers work in isolation in their school as there is no one who does the same job as they. Many teachers are looking for sound ideas, lesson plans, safety procedures and project ideas. Generally speaking, a place to collaborate and share information and experiences.

My Solution – I want to build a dynamic Web Site dedicated to shop teachers who will share ideas and exchange information. My first attempt, theShopTeacher.com, was released a few years ago, and many teachers started registering from around the world. Unfortunately, it was written in HTML and I soon realized it was not going to give me the results I wanted. I am now working on my next version, temporarily located at, http://shopteacher.webmastercms.com My new site is being designed with the collaborative user in mind. We can learn from one another by exchanging ideas at the site and many are doing just that.

Marketing – Already, I have interested members who have donated substantially to the site. I met with these individuals and made my pitch and they were happy with my plan and enthusiasm. As well, supporting members will have their logos and link to their site on the first page of theShopTeacher.com Other investors are waiting to meet with me once the site is up and fully function able. School districts have expressed a large interest in supporting their shop teachers.

Conclusion – With the release of my first Web Site, I realized I had an opportunity to make the daily rituals of working teachers something that could be greatly enhanced. We, as shop teachers, are continually looking for fresh, new ideas with substance and a proven track record. No one wants to reinvent the wheel. There are many teachers with real teacher experience and wisdom and are very willing to donate their time and efforts to this site. As the Web continues to unfold into the Web 2.0, we see a new emergence of teachers who want to learn from one another and build on previous experiences. We have the material and experiences, my site is the engine that will bring us together.

Thank you, David De Pieri
ceo – the ShopTeacher.com

3 Sarah Wood { 11.26.08 at 3:16 pm }


Your passion and excitement for this project showed throughout your entire presentation. Your commitment to student safety and success added credibility for your need to build a great resource for teachers.

I teach Drafting and I agree that there is a huge need for resources for “shopteachers”. I think that it is great that you have brought companies onboard to get your site up and running. Also, including WCB will add credibility and hopefully increase the market for your site. Perhaps at the next Technology Education conference you could set up a demonstration to show BC teachers what you have available.

I thought your fee structure was sound and reasonable – in terms of what teachers are expected to pay in order to access the resources. I worry that it might be an administrative nightmare for you to handle all the “kick-backs” for people who have submitted lesson plans or idea. Just a thought.

It was a “deal-closer” for me when you read the testimonial email from users of your site (I do hope they were authentic!). I would recommend your pitch and provide funding.

Good luck with your venture!

4 David De Pieri { 11.26.08 at 4:45 pm }

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, you are right… there is a huge need for a Web site dedicated to shop teachers. As a teacher of a drafting course, I can imagine that you too would like to see what others are doing and would like to learn different techniques.

I’ve stepped away from the model of kick-backs, too many teachers told me not to bother, they wanted to share freely. The Delta School District gave me a $3500 SEI grant and with some of that money, I was able to hire a sub for about 10 days over 3 months and this allowed me to visit other schools in the Lower Mainland gathering content for the site.
Yes, all the testimonials are authentic, I have tons from around the globe. Would you like a stack? 🙂

I’m looking forward to doing a session at the next BCTEA conference. This year it was in Campbell River, too far and I was too busy with MET.

thanks again, Dave

5 Carolann Fraenkel { 11.26.08 at 6:28 pm }

Hi David,

Your pitch was very heartfelt, and the video gave a good idea of what the site was about. The executive summary you posted afterward answered most of my questions. I found your part 2 video really long, I would have loved to see something like a “Table Saw Safety Video” and “Grinder Tips and Tricks” Something a little shorter and with a more clear focus would have done it for me. Overall well done!


6 cwickes { 11.27.08 at 9:06 pm }

Great job. Your passion for enhancing the profession of all shop teachers was superb. I didn’t need more much than the first video to feel supportive towards your site and as an EVA (in this case a school board member ostensibly) I would definitely be funding you for at least a part time percentage to take on the position of spearheading this site, not only to benefit your own district but to benefit all districts in the province. In my experience, your site would greatly enhance many of the needs of rural schools, who sometimes have difficulty finding teachers to teach shop and often have to rely on ‘community resource persons’ to take on the role of teaching a variety of shop classes. This could be a great resource for them.
I think that you could easily shorten your ‘pitch’ and focus on the key elements that would sell your idea to your school board and/or the Ministry.

7 Joey Dabell { 11.27.08 at 10:15 pm }


Thanks for posting the exec summary. A story board basically provides a rough draft of your website – sketching out general topics for pages, where images might go, or movies, what links there might be between your pages. Storyboards might be text based or graphical. They would probably be done by whoever was designing your website, but they are useful for the teacher too, just to help organize thoughts and navigation, etc. (definitely not expecting you to whip one up 🙂 – just an fyi)

Link here gives a rough visual idea

Link here gives a basic description of the process for storyboarding a website.



8 Ellen Wu { 11.27.08 at 11:07 pm }

Hi David,

Your website and YouTube videos are well prepared. I really like how you read the letters from other shop teachers to prove the importance and need for your website. I’m sure shop teachers everywhere benefit from your hardwork in putting the website together. It’s great to see a teacher with such passion for his job! Good job and good luck!


9 Drew Murphy { 11.28.08 at 12:22 am }

Hi David: You come across very well in your video. You have a forthright delivery that gives a reassuring sense of confidence to your pitch. There’s lots more to like here too. Your email letters and your list of interested companies are very persuasive events in your pitch. They induced subtle “aha” moments in me as they demonstrated a potential “celebrity” possibility to your project and revealed the larger internet media nature of your venture. The tool company interest served to reinforce this view as they are probably also seeing this as a viable media marketing channel.

The second video showing you demonstrating things in your workshop only served to further reinforce your project as not just a website to help shop teachers but a possible media site capable of being branded to a much wider audience. Exploiting the media potential of the web is one of the few real and viable venture approaches on the web so this is a proven approach. I think you might actually have something here. Your good looks and affable style don’t hurt either.

However, I do think your pitch needs some data backup. Just a few numbers about the explosion in trades training and the shortage in tradesman for years to come would be enough to fulfill the promise of the rest of the pitch.

Very cool. Fun to watch. Thanks Dave

10 D.B. { 11.28.08 at 1:22 am }

You really appear confident, relaxed and enthusiastic in the video… this can only help you and your project achieve the success it deserves!

A few notes:
[If I were to have been really strict as per the David’s instructions, I wouldn’t’ve seen the last part of your video since it was a bit over 12 minutes. ]

Some visual signposting would have been great in the presentation. While I appreciate the demonstrations of what theShopTeacher.com will have as content, that could have been used as a supplementary link for interested EVAs and investors to look in on their own time. It might be more of a ‘pitch-oriented video’ if there were screenshots of content, perhaps a paper/web-version of it along with its structure.

Another example of where visual signposting would have been good is when you listed the sponsors that you have already lined up. You say ‘Makita’ and I might know who that is or what it is until I see a box of Makita powertool equipment.

Notwithstanding the above comments, what you do have plenty of is enthusiasm, knowledge and of course your [possibly too rapidly cited at the beginning of the video] professional credentials as a teacher and as a Red Seal certified professional as well. I hope this project really takes off!

11 Susan Wilson { 11.28.08 at 9:43 pm }


I really enjoyed your presentation. Your enthusiasme and professionalism made me want to support your venture. I know that there is a shortage of Practical and Applied Arts teachers who specialize in what was traditionally Industrial Arts here in SK and your site could really help the beginning teacher or teachers who are teaching outside of their comfort level.

One question that I have is about how you will profit from your site? I am assuming that you are looking for investors and that you plan on paying them back plus dividends – how will you earn that money? Through advertisement?

I would like to see your numbers, but I think that I would be in!

12 Melissa Anders { 11.29.08 at 5:46 pm }

Hi David,
Your video shows how well people can sell an idea just by being passionate about it! You spoke so naturally and honestly about your product, I didn’t feel like I was being sold to or pressured. The e-mail testimonials helped reiterate how there is a need for this type of website.

As an EVA, I would have liked to have seen a few more product based slides, information or videos. While your shop demonstrations are a great example of what could be included in the site, and shows how well suited you are to be the one to deliver the videos, I would have liked to have known a little bit more about what the site would look like, how it would be designed, and how users would be able to interact and participate in the learning environment you’ve created.

Your executive summary posted afterwards helped answer some of the questions I had, but I am still not sure what exactly you would want from me as a potential investor. How much would you need and why?

Once these questions were answered, I would not hesitate to invest in your idea. You have clearly pointed out that there is a want and a need for this type of service.

Good luck!


13 nancy castonguay { 11.29.08 at 11:35 pm }

Great pitch David! The emails had me sold on the value of your site; also the expansion of this project are well justified. It appears that you have stirred the interests of several major parties in the field which is also a good sign. I think that having no formal executive summary worked in your favor as you casually walked us through the ins and outs of your venture. You were able to define a set market, and offered some well founded speculations as to the potential for future growth in other areas. Your venture came about because of your passion and a need for support in this specific field. I believe that were there is proven need, there is potential. I like the collaboration idea. This shows me that the product you are offering is not only sought after, it is also providing members with materials that have been tested, ideas that have been proven. I wasn’t really clear on how you expect to generate a profit from this website though. Is profit generated from the advertising on the site? As you mentioned, there was not much to speak of in the way of Web support for tech instructors and many are already benefitting from your efforts. Your video format was fantastic! I love that it was casual and unfolded like an open-hearted conversation. You demonstrated in-depth knowledge in the area and were able to convince me that you are both skilled enough and passionate enough to make this project take off. As an investor, I would probably want to see more detail about how this venture can generate a profit. Overall, a refreshing and inspiring presentation.

14 fetya { 11.30.08 at 4:19 am }

Hi David!

I have to say this has been one of the most original pitches I have seen as of yet. I’m assuming originality is a very useful feature when dealing with EVAs and investors who’ve reviewed pitch after pitch!

I really like the first couple of minutes (until the end of the e-mail comments) as it built a lot of anticipation in wanting to know what exactly you are pitching. Furthermore, the rest of the presentation made me very eager to visit the website and see if it was as described.

I do agree with others about the complete presentation being too long. But I do think the Demo (although extremely interesting and made me regretful of never having had shop class [budget cuts/Quebec]) could have been optional and not part of the pitch itself. A link of the demo could have been provided with the executive summary, for example.

Also, this might seem very random, but since no one else has mentioned it, I think I prefer your outfit in the 3rd part over the 1st part as it really puts you in context and you seem even more credible in discussing your products

15 David De Pieri { 12.01.08 at 10:24 pm }

Thanks very much everyone for your inspiring comments. I am able to take something from each and every one of you and I appreciate your time and candour.

Joey – I’ll be making pitches to real investors and having a story board will help back-up my proposal.

Sarah – as a drafting teacher, you realize the need for proven methods from the veterans. You are bang on with the “kick-back” idea. It would have been an administrative nightmare.

Carolann – in hind site, a tips n’ tricks section would have been more appropriate with the Saw and Grinder demo, thanks for that.

Cori – I hadn’t even thought of the “non-certified” teachers who are asked to fill in when certified shop teachers are absent. That creates a bit of a headache, doesn’t it.? molto grazzie…

Ellen – glad you liked the reference letters. I thought they would be a welcome insertion.

Drew – “a forthright delivery and sense of confidence…” that means a ton to me. Thank you

BD – ya, a supplementary link to ~ theShopTeacher.com ~ is a good idea, thanks. Had I had more time, I would have shown the sponsors logos too.

Susan – right now, I am having fun building the site, meeting lots of shop teachers from around the world who are equally excited for me, themselves and the site. I’ll think about a profit model once things get rolling… I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Melissa – beautiful hair… I was trying for a natural presentation with no pressure. Me being me… glad you picked up on that.

Nancy – thanks for the longest paragraph of them all, and thanks for the mention of the “non” existent executive summary. Even though I added one to the 522 pitching post site, I’m glad you got most of the information from the video and I was pleasantly surprised when you said it worked in my favour.

Fetya – glad you thought it was one of the most original pitches yet. Sometimes, Keeping It Simple is a very effective tool. Next time I’ll drop the 501’s and do my pitch in the biff 🙂

Again, thanks to all of you and those who may not have commented. As we reach the end of this course, it was nice to meet you all in a very monolithic yet minuscule way… and thanks D and D for your valued input. This course is well done.


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