Assignment 3 – Teachstreet

Hello Class,

First off I would like to apologize for posting this so late.

I dealt with one inconvenience after another!  as so many of you have as well!

I hope some of you have the opportunity to review my work.  looking forward to hearing from you,


Recommendation for Teachstreet:

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Odijoo – it’s definitely worth a good long look!

Sorry for the uploading false starts, I moved my video to vimeo.

As I was late in posting and even later with some technical glitches, my project has not been assigned to any one. If you have some extra time to have a look, I would appreciate your EVA input.

Many thanks,

Cheryl M.

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Odijoo – Next best thing to sliced bread

OK EVA’s, this is the real thing. Odijoo will slice and dice your content and put it on a really cheap LMS. For more information have a look at [youtube][/youtube] 

Looking forward to hearing from you and my making any and all introductions.

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Odijoo Online development tool Pitch to EVA’s ETEC522

I read the due date wrong and was only able to upload today. If there are any of you willing to give me a review, I would sincerely appreciate it.

Many thanks and Good luck to all of you!




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Venture Forum Review Assignments

Just a note that I’ll be sending out your individual review assignments for the Venture Forum over the next hour to your email addresses, so if you don’t receive yours please let me know ASAP.  Thanks,


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I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate the module discussion teams on a job well done.

The activities you all created for class participation over the past eight weeks were an excellent representation of the creative abilities of ETEC students. The sites, resources, activities and discussions were engaging and invited lots of high-level discussion and debate on the topics presented. The self-evaluation papers were consistently positive about the intent of the A2 activity, and in many cases forthright about what worked, didn’t work, or could be done better in a future iteration of the module team process.

I thought you all did a great job. Bravo!


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Assignment #3

Here it is finally! I have managed to convert the pptx to ppt, upload to Google Docs as well publish it. Please visit to view my pitch presentation. The executive summary is embedded in the ppt.



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Assignment 3

Life is full of surprises…just when you dont want them. After a trying week at a conference in Seoul, I returned home early Sunday morning, started to finalise my pitch document (pptx) only to realise that there was a problem with my broadband connectivity – helpdesk said it would be restored monday afternoon. Did not want to wait till Monday afternoon, so this morning I got myself a wireless modem – atleast I am connected although it is quite slow! Started to upload my pptx via Google docs and what do I find – Google Doc does not support pptx …so now I am having to download the compatibility pack so I can open my pptx as a ppt and upload to Google Docs. Surely there was an easier way to do this! So if you do not see my assignment on Monday morning Vancouver you’ll know I have been struggling and please post me a couple alternatives. Slideshare does not support pptx either!

Till then…


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First Nations’ Centre for Human Rights in Canada

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Computer Adaptive Assessment –

Here is my venture pitch for a real company (Castle Rock Research Corp) and one of their most recent projects.  This is the “what I would do if i was running the company” proposals for the Computer Adaptive Assessment system that was recently developed and piloted in Alberta.  The executive summary is a MS Publisher document converted to PDF and the Pitch is a presentation in Google Docs.  It was to have a link to a 10 minute video pitch but I have been away from home for the past week and much to my frustration unable to get my tablet to do what I need it to do.  I’ll be home on the 25th so I will add the video to the presentation and to this post at that time.

Executive Summary

Venture Pitch Presentation

 Venture Pitch Video Part 1

Venture Pitch Video Part 2

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Assignment 3 Up and Running (real slow!)

You can view this assignment by clicking on the appropriate link of my ETEC 522 ePortfolio page.

MALTS – mobile android language training system

Unfortunately, you will need to login.

User: misscastonguay

Pass: homepage

Sorry, but it’s a PPT, I had planed on recording it using Camtasia Studio 6 but after 5 attempts, I gave up. It would appear that CS6 does not take too kindly to embedded media? In any case, I’m just glad it’s done! Please keep in mind that some elements of this presentation are fictive and that regrettably did not land a job at Robot-Hosting!

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Venture Pitch – Tesla Motors

Hi all,

My pitch and executive summary can be viewed at the following address:

Good luck to us all!


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