Assignment #3

Here it is finally! I have managed to convert the pptx to ppt, upload to Google Docs as well publish it. Please visit to view my pitch presentation. The executive summary is embedded in the ppt.




1 nancy castonguay { 11.24.08 at 10:51 am }

What a fantastic presentation Deepika! Is this a region you are familiar with. I sensed a deep interest on your part. You do inspire confidence because it is obvious to me that you are passionate about this project. Nice job.

2 Drew Murphy { 11.25.08 at 4:57 pm }

Hi Deepika

I enjoyed reading your proposal very much. The idea is basically quite simple and you speak passionately to the possibility for technology to contribute to economic renewal. You lay out the plan in a logical and understandable sequence in the slide show format. And as a result, the general plan has an overriding sense of purpose and viability. In other words, you’ve demonstrated that this tech training program is a good idea and for good reasons.

Getting down to details, I see, again some persuasive points regarding the attraction of Gulbarga as poised to provide the low cost labour, BPO’s are seeking. As well, the existing technology infrastructure in Gulbarga is an important feasibility feature that is clearly made in your plan. More of this type of feasibility assurance would define the plan even more. How much technology is available? What are the relative locations of the technology sites? Is there internet access? Are they networked? are further details you might think to gather in a further iteration of your plan.

You also speak passionately about the benefits of your plan to the people of Gulbarga. And this is a strength of your plan in that it gives a deeper motivation to the plans motives. However, it would not hurt your plan to go into more details regarding the long term profitability of this approach. One thing the BPO’s must be concerned about is the long term future access to cheaper labour. As the technology phenomenon raises costs and wages in local BPO locations, Gulbarga could be painted as a beacon of long term, low cost labour. You plan could show some impressive long term cost savings.

Of course, this is the fine line you need to walk in this proposal. Too much emphasis on long term, low cost labour and your project sounds exploitative. But not enough emphasis on Gulbarga as a low cost solution might paint the venture as a charity project.

I also appreciated your data presentations around scale, financial planning and social impact. The data seemed thorough and logical. In particular, the proximity of the financial planning and the social impact data was a powerful ying and yang where the profitability motive is followed immediately by the huge social benefits of the project. With a bit more crafting, that slide by slide marriage could be made into a powerful “hook” for the plan. As an EVA, I’d say “sounds interesting, show me some more…”

Again, I really enjoyed your thoughtful and passionate proposal. Thanks for bringing it to us.

3 Deepika Sharma { 11.25.08 at 10:15 pm }

Yes, Nancy this is a region that I have worked in some (5) years ago – what pains me even more is the fact that after 5 years, the situation remains pretty much the same. There has to be an “awakening call”…a shakeup. When I worked I was still founding my ideas of technology interventions via education and now I see this in the wake of economic viability. Have to admit this course is the best thing that happened in formulating my thoughts, which otherwise could have remained at a very philosophical level 🙂 Thanks for your encouraging words…I plan to use this pitch in real life.

Drew, you’ve done a marvellous job of analysing my pitch…all points are well taken and if there will be round 2 rest assured I will enhance the pitch with your input. Hmm, I must tread the charity vs. profitable venture line carefully, as you suggest. In my defense I can only say that I am a NGO person and “pitch” concepts were (and still are) quite new to me, but I realise that to cut through slothfulness of thinking (for government officials/decion makers) nothing like an incisive pitch – thanks for your thoughtful and insightful comments.



4 Gillian Gunderson { 11.26.08 at 3:41 pm }


You have done a thorough job of research for this venture. You have noticed the existing infrastructure that would help implementation. You also set out financial information that would entice a company to look at a next step -further details and information.

I like your visuals as it created a sense of the emotional in your pitch. I don’t know about investors, however. If they see a lot of pitches, do they want all of the information right up front or do they only want to know what’s in it for them. I don’t have the experience to understand exactly what investors want (maybe someone else can help with this) but I’m glad you included the visuals!


5 Joe Dobson { 11.26.08 at 8:15 pm }


Thanks for putting this forward in the pool. Your background work and knowledge of the region are clear as is the rationale. I echo Drew’s comments about infrastructure – I don’t know about India, but I wonder about the timeline in terms of getting the pipes in place. As an EVA, I suppose another concern is corruption – I don’t know about India, but in Thailand and a lot of other places it takes greasing of the wheels to get things done in a lot of cases. Perhaps challenging to address in a pitch though. A last minor thought – a map showing where Gulbara is would help.

Good luck!


6 Bryan Funk { 11.27.08 at 12:25 am }

Very well done Deepika. It was very clear that you are passionate about the project and have armed yourself with a considerable amount of research and information to backup the claims that you make.

I received the message that this was as much a social investment as economic investiment for anyone getting involved in the project. If I were the BPO I believe that I would already understand the human resource potential that this creates for my company and I think you do a good job of “walking the line” and not making cheap labour the focus. The images and the arguments that you present allow a BPO to feel good about getting involved. They could make a case that they are doing as much for the betterment of the community as opposed to company gain. I’m not sure about how important appearing socially responsible is in India but it is becoming much more important in North American business practice.

Well Done


7 Alex { 11.27.08 at 9:57 pm }

Hi Deepika,

A nice PowerPoint presentation. I found it easy to follow your presentation, but I am not sure who your presentation is targeted at. If it is the billionaire, techno savvy, and a philanthropic EVA that you are trying to convince, I would like to know where Gulbarga is at least. I would have appreciated your work more if you gave me an introduction to Gulbarga along with a map of India. I would like to be convinced that Gulbarga is an attractive city with tremendous future promise. You have illustrated problems, needs and possible solutions, yet failed to tell me what investors can hope to gain.

Your excellent presentation can become more powerful if you project its attractive features and highlight the promising venture aspects.


8 Marc Kampschuur { 11.28.08 at 11:59 pm }


The content is concise and suggests ground level knowledge which ads to the credibility of the pitch. Perhaps some audio, would have made it more personable – this pitch is oriented towards people thus may require a voice with emotion.

I would like to know where my money is going and what assurances I have of getting it back.

I like the partnership aspect – investor & healthy society – but reason for viewing pitch is for a monetary investment/return.

The financial information is appreciated and I think necessary in a pitch that focusses on a humanitarian venture to support that it is an investment. However, am unclear on who will be doing the actual work – who is rolling up their sleeves, where from, what skills, what cost, where is money going. There seems to be a (n expensive?) management team, but how will the work be done?

Perhaps there can also be an ISO, green, or some kind of certification to accompany the project which may provide you/investors with a marketing/publicity tool?

Perhaps there are success stories from similar efforts?

I would be interested in learning more in part because I know that there have been successes in India in terms of customer support and other services.


9 Laura Macleod { 11.29.08 at 9:56 am }


Great presentation! I can only echo my colleagues’ comments about the power of your passion. The social purpose behind the project is also very appealing, at least to this EVA. I particularly liked the way you captured one of the drivers: ‘a city dilemma becomes a rural attraction’ – that kind of one liner stays with people long after they forget the details.

My suggestions for improvement would be that you circle back to the problem, using emotional appeal, quite frequently. I would have liked to see less on that, as you sketched the problem very well in the first few minutes, and had more time in the presentation devoted to detail on what kind of curriculum is being implemented. My biggest question was how does the line between corporate training and curriculum get drawn?

Thanks. Laura

10 Alan Kilistoff { 11.29.08 at 2:39 pm }

Hi Deepika:

Very interesting presentation. Lots of good to come of this project; you are way ahead of me. I am still trying save my courses, not the world. Your passion comes through and makes this real, not rhetoric. I hope this works out, India will be a better place for your efforts.

11 Kenneth Heales { 11.29.08 at 7:09 pm }

Hi Deepika,
I enjoyed your presentation. You are obviously very passionate about the social welfare of this region. This is definitely a “big picture” type of venture. A potential investor has to look beyond their initial investment and see all of the social and financial benefits that have the potential to spin off from a project of this type.
One of the questions I would have is whether or not an adequate level of infrastructure is in place for this project to succeed. What I’m referring to are things like internet connectivity and access to computers. Would these types of things need to be included in the start up investment in this project?
Overall, this appears to be a very noble undertaking with the ultimate goal being social improvement rather than financial reward (although, logically, financial reward should come with social improvement). Nicely done.
All the best,

12 Michael Peterson { 11.30.08 at 9:00 pm }


I was very interested in your proposal, and think this is definitely in the top-half of the presentations I reviewed. Essentially, I saw your pitch as a call for training for the people of Gulbarga, in order to tap into an opportunity for economic development via BPO outsourcing. As others have mentioned, your commitment to the people of Gulbarga was a very engaging part of your presentation.

The base of English speakers and existing CPU infrastructure sound promising. Your presentation of sector interest in employing more rural workers sounded important, and worth our efforts to verify.

One of the alarms raised for me were the failure of earlier efforts to use computer-training with the population. Your presentation of the economic incentives for pulling students out of school and into the fields was insightful. I was not sure that your proposal had resolved how families would cope with the short-term loss of income.

As I am unfamiliar with the region, I wondered about electrical and IT infrastructure, but I’m sure anyone looking at regional development professionally would have a good grasp of this. It strikes me as risky to tie the economic development of the region to one newly created job-sector, but that’s for regional managers to diversify – not an argument to hold back on your project.

Interesting work! Good luck with future versions of this initiative. I’d be really happy to hear news as the project progresses.

13 Deepika Sharma { 12.01.08 at 9:20 am }

Hi all,

Thank you for taking the time to view and comment on my pitch. All comments are well-taken. Here are some answers to questions that came up, collectively.

1. Remoteness of Gulbarga – Gulbarga is very remote – it does not offer city glitz. Some economic uplift can create some strands on city slickness but that will happen over a period of time. The call of the hour is to strike at the root poverty in the region.

2. Gulbarga on the map – well it should be easy to find. Even though remote, it shows up on google/earth searches – it is a large rural impoverished area – unfortunately that is its claim to fame, for the moment.

3. Tie-up a single venture with the economics – too risky. Yes it is or would be in a normal scenario but here we need to make small beginnings that will have powerful impact and this venture seeks to create that. I have mentioned e-chaupal interventions earlier in this blog – the impact of one community center with 2-3 computers is amazing. Google to read some reports on it…if interest holds.

4. Other similar ventures – yes, google Byrraju foundation’ work in Andhra Pradesh to look for a similar story. Just so you know I was on to the Gulbarga venture when I chanced upon Byrraju Foundation website through a Google search – I was struck by the similarity of thought and design – seems the only logical thing to do right now!

5. Who your presentation is targeted at…the billionaire, techno savvy, and a philanthropic EVA – all of the above EVA. An EVA with a heart and the will to make it happen, raising money is the easiest part of this project!

6. Include a voice over – yes I should have – just ran out of time because I was travelling on work the previous week. But that I think that is a good idea.

7. Money back guarantee – yes – the figures suggest that…but my suggestion to all EVAs is to look at the social angle before you do the profitable one – there is a compelling reason there. Make it part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) if you have to…

Thank you all once again for all your wonderful thoughts – I stand for this power of collaborative refinement. Have enjoyed this assignment thoroughly.

Wish you all a great Holiday Season. See you in other ETEC forums.


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