Odijoo – it’s definitely worth a good long look!

Sorry for the uploading false starts, I moved my video to vimeo.

As I was late in posting and even later with some technical glitches, my project has not been assigned to any one. If you have some extra time to have a look, I would appreciate your EVA input.

Many thanks,

Cheryl M.


1 Joey Dabell { 11.24.08 at 10:38 pm }

Hi Cheryl,
Just had a quick look, but enjoyed your presentation. I like the idea of putting free course tools and infrastructure in the hands of educators. And the idea of creating a destination source for learners. I think you covered the key issues well. A couple of thoughts that came up for me – was wondering if or how quality of educational content is addressed or monitored. Also wondering about IP issues with the content.

2 Cheryl Milner { 11.25.08 at 12:06 pm }

Hi Joey,

All IP issues must be cleared before they get published, otherwise you have a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Thanks for having a look see.


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