Reading Right Sight Word Reading Software

After much frustration and hours and hours of trying to get this up, it is finally ready for your viewing!! It is a bit slow to show up, but once it gets started it works well. I had a lot of problems with sound and transition, so there are a few awkward moments, so please be patient with it.

I look forward to hearing your feedback,


Here is my pitch for Reading Right, a new sight word reading software. There are many students who have difficulty reading phonetically and although there are sight word reading software available, this program integrates many different learning activities that can be customized to fit each student’s need. The activites are fun and engaging and allow each student to take ownership over their own learning. This program can be used as a teacher tool or as extra reading help and will hopefully become a staple in every classroom and home.

Please click on this link to watch my pitch.

November 27, 2008   4 Comments

Mobile Learning and the Future

Here are two great posts from Brian Lamb and Stephen Downes

About the future and how mobile learning looks in it!


November 27, 2008   1 Comment