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After much frustration and hours and hours of trying to get this up, it is finally ready for your viewing!! It is a bit slow to show up, but once it gets started it works well. I had a lot of problems with sound and transition, so there are a few awkward moments, so please be patient with it.

I look forward to hearing your feedback,


Here is my pitch for Reading Right, a new sight word reading software. There are many students who have difficulty reading phonetically and although there are sight word reading software available, this program integrates many different learning activities that can be customized to fit each student’s need. The activites are fun and engaging and allow each student to take ownership over their own learning. This program can be used as a teacher tool or as extra reading help and will hopefully become a staple in every classroom and home.

Please click on this link to watch my pitch.


1 David Wees { 11.27.08 at 7:14 pm }

Hi Melissa,

I took a look at your video and liked the idea a lot. I agree with your premise that there needs to be a lot more diversity in the different ways we help struggling students learn how to read.

You’ve got a lot of information which looks like it has been carefully researched and I only had a couple of points which I thought to bring up.

You’ve suggested that the CEO of this company will be earning $75,000 as salary, but I hope you are planning on supplementing this income with dividends from your company! You may wish to increase this number just so that your investors have more faith in your ability to be the CEO (don’t undervalue yourself!).

Your program uses text to allow students to interact with the different features. An easy suggestion I have is to use images instead so that the interface is even easier to navigate (maybe a picture + single word?).

Another question which is not described in the movie is how the students will be able to keep track of their progress.

The idea of students being able to add their own lists is a great idea. Once the students are a bit more proficient at reading they can guide their reading a bit better. Very cool.

Nice work Melissa, your idea is sound and I hope you get your funding.

2 Jarrod Bell { 11.27.08 at 10:19 pm }

Hi Melissa, I loved your inspiration to build this product. I can imagine that the little girl who had been told over and over that she can do it one way would be very frustrated.

You have done your research and have compelling insights on why Canadians have difficulties with reading and how the current educational system fails them.

I really liked how you introduced the features of your program and then went through them one by one. You had clear ideas about the marketing of your product. You were clear on your team members.

I recently participated in a request for qualifications for a new web designer and the rates we regularly over $100 dollars and $200 per hour was not unusual. While a designer and a webmaster are very different jobs you may wish to split the cost of design and mastering as design and implementation will be an upfront cost while maintenance will be ongoing. Hopefully you can have the same person do it for salary!

I agree with David that a salary for CEO without dividends is unwise. I performance structure would be good to see that if certain targets were me bonuses were assigned to staff.

The progress tracking is important as I am not purchasing educational software unless there is easy reporting that helps to guide learning. These tools should be assessment as learning and for learning.

Great work Melissa!


3 D.B. { 11.29.08 at 3:52 pm }

Great presentation. You come across not only as a sincere and motivated teacher, but also as an entrepreneur — especially with your analysis of the costs involved and what you are looking for in your product.

As for the product, were this project to be fully realized, I would definitely invest in finding someone who could create a believable set of prototype ‘screenshots’ to give a representation of what the product would look like in the end – this would add a bit more polish to the presentation and increase the likelihood of finding an Angel Investor.

Regarding project costs, while those numbers seem feasible, like Jarrod and David, I would consider increasing the cost estimates for salary/compensation since these seem to me to be a bit on the low side. Dividends would be one way to do it, stock options could be another.

But the best part of the pitch is how you come across in the presentation – confident, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and pragmatic! Well done.

4 Melissa Anders { 11.29.08 at 7:58 pm }

Hi Dave, Jarrod and D.B.

Thanks for your comments. They are definitely helpful. You know when you have ideas in your head and forget to explain them but think you did and that everyone just knows whatever it is that you’re thinking!

I agree with the assessment comment greatly, because that’s extremely important not only for the student to track their own learning but also to know how well the software is working.

As you mentioned D.B. I would want my graphics to be of higher quality. It was only after I was done this project that I was thinking I could partner up with some publishing company or a few children authors and illustrators to help back up my name a bit and give some quality to the story telling feature ]. I guess that’s what this is all about, sharing, getting feedback and refining.

Thanks again!

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