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Bravo to ETEC522’s EVA Swarm

Or is it a hive?

As we begin to wind down, I just wanted to express my thanks to everyone for a very stimulating and worthwhile learning adventure.

I’d hoped to have your A3’s marked by now, but that’s an impressive and daunting set of work – I’ll need another few days.

As you venture forward please remember that the best opportunity to make any start-up work is to bounce it off lots of smart people first, so keep your connections with the swarm (and your humble instructors) active.  You all qualify as “sophisticated” investors now….

Warm regards,


November 30, 2008   12 Comments

Assignment #3 Briefing

Hi everyone.

Most of you are well into thinking about Assignment #3 (“A3”), if not far into production, so I wanted to provide some additional orientation to the process we have in mind:

  • I will be marking A3, so please direct all of your questions in my direction.
  • Please pay close attention to the A3 rubric provided.
  • Submit your A3 to me directly via email before end of day November 23rd.  Given the Venture Forum activity in Module 12, late submissions will be unacceptable.
  • Also post your A3 to the Module 12 Venture Forum here before end of day November 23rd.  The basic idea is that your A3 should begin with a short executive summary (‘elevator pitch’ or ‘pitch page’) that captures the essence of your venture in a compelling way that encourages venture analysts (in this case, your classmates) to review the entire pitch.  Please note that your Venture Forum submission should not include the “self-evaluation” portion of A3, this should be something that is just included in your email to me.
  • If there is any reason you do not wish to expose your venture concept to the world (remember that outsiders can review any posting here) please discuss this with me ASAP.  If the intellectual property (IP) involved is sensitive, I’m willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before receiving it for marking purposes.  We could also arrange for peer reviews to be done via private email if that is your wish.
  • You will all be receiving your Module 12 analysis assignments by noon on November 24th.  Please post your analyses as responses to the respective pitches before end of day November 30th.
  • In the spirit of the Venture Forum, I intend to submit a real pitch of my own, and look forward to your critical response!

Good luck!


November 12, 2008   2 Comments

Open Source last couple of days

Hi all – just a quick reminder that we’re nearing the end of our discussions and activities about Open Source Emerging Markets here: The dialogue has been incredibly robust and it’s really exciting to see so much action on the site. We’ll be having a synchronous chat on the site tomorrow night (Sunday)  at 8:30pm for those who can join us. We’ll also be posting a transcript of the chat and a summation of the activity that’s happened this week shortly after our week is up for those who’d like to see it in that form.

Thanks for all the fantastic contributions!


October 18, 2008   3 Comments

Welcome to Open Source Emerging Markets

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Open Source Emerging Markets team invites you to join us in a Moodle shell. Please go to , create an account and log into the course called “Group 6 Open Source”. Once there, you’ll see a list of activites in which to participate with accompanying instructions.

Thanks, Marc, Bryan, Dave and Mary

October 13, 2008   13 Comments

Assignment #1 Reminder

Hi everyone – just a reminder that Assignment #1 is due by end of day on October 12.  Please email it to me at david dot vogt at ubc dot ca.

You can also email me with any last minute questions you might have.



October 11, 2008   4 Comments

Assignments #1 & #3

Hi everyone –

In terms of an advance look at your Assignment grades, our good friend DavidP will be marking Assignments #2 and #4 (no there’s not a “new” assignment – #4 is your participation in discussions), and I will be marking #1 and #3.  Please approach either or both of us with questions about any dimension of the course, but you might keep me in mind in some special way as you develop your topics for Assignments #1 and #3.

If you haven’t already done so, you should probably be zeroing in on your topic for Assignment #1 by now.  You don’t need to bounce it off me, but I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.
Assignment #1 us due by end of day on October 12.  Thanks.


September 9, 2008   1 Comment

Building the Conversation

To follow up on DavidP’s point about tags, please also do what you can to stimulate conversation.  Two quick recommendations:

  • make all of your posts as brief and to-the-point as possible.
  • engage your audience with provocations, questions, etc., leading to comments.

Other ideas for building great discourse….?

September 8, 2008   1 Comment

Module Teams – anybody missing?

Here are the teams for Modules 4-11.

I looked at the special requests posts/comments in the blog. Everyone who requested a preference got their first choice. The teams are now set.


Module 04: Katherine Lithgow, Ellen Wu, Drew Murphy, Deepika Sharma (4)

Module 05: Jarrod Bell, Alan Kilistoff, Susan Wilson, Carolann Fraenkel (4)

Module 06: Amber Van Der Mark, Marc Kampschuur, David De Pieri, Mary Burgess, Bryan Funk (5)

Module 07: Ken Heales, Michael Awmack, Cori Wickes, Vincent Spencer, Crystal Pullman (5)

Module 08: Sarah Wood, Jim Tattrie, Gilian Gunderson, Dwayne Ali, Shaun Dychko (5)

Module 09: Doug Pinder, Joanne Dabell, Fetya Ahmed, DB, Joseph Dobson (5)

Module 10: Alexandra Marsh, Cheryl Milner, Michael Peterson, Jag Uppal (4)

Module 11: David Wees, Laura Mcleod, Nancy Castonguay, Zilong Zhai, Melissa Anders (5)

Additional instructions will be coming along shortly. You may wish to get acquainted with your team members via email in the interim before kickoff in two weeks.


September 7, 2008   1 Comment

Avatars – visually representing your posts

One of the features of the Word Press blog we’re using is its ability to associate your comment with a visual “avatar,” a picture or image representing you.

You can find where to upload your avatar by logging into the blog space and then selecting from the top menu:

Users > Your Avatar

There, you can select and upload an image from your own files.


September 7, 2008   3 Comments

We’re fixing our YouTube pitch (It’s fixed …)

Looks like our YouTube pitch at the beginning of Module 2 has an expired link.  We’re fixing it.  Thanks to David Wees for noticing it and alerting us.


September 3, 2008   6 Comments

Private Conversations – How To

Another attribute (“feature”?) of the weblog environment is that it doesn’t support private email conversations between individuals and small groups.  In my mind this is a glaring deficit, but one which we’re hoping can be worked around adequately during the course.

How?  Please use your instructors’ external email addresses as supplied for conversations with them.  For the Assignment #2 teams we intend to group-email all the members of each team so at least they have the emails for all of their team members.  Please let us know if you have a problem with your email addresses being shared in this way (it is a matter of the University’s privacy policy that you don’t need to share an email address if you don’t wish).

For all other direct, private connections, we hope you will supply an (appropriated encoded) email address in your self-introduction that your classmates can use to send messages to you.

Comments or suggestions related to this *feature* of weblog environments are welcome….


September 2, 2008   No Comments

Beware – Public Exposure

Just a small point of prudence for ETEC522 students in this weblog environment – please note that, as opposed to VISTA, etc, your contributions to this weblog environment are entirely public (they can be read by anyone on the Internet).

A first concern is simply how you state your email address (if you do – and its up to you) it can be read in this environment by spam crawlers that might want to become your best friend.  That’s why many of us are stating our email addresses in written forms.

A second concern might be both what you say and how you say it.  Our students are rarely prone to defamatory or libelous banter, but you might want to consider your contributions as though you’re part of a panel discussion at a conference.

Why so open?  This might be a point that the Open Source team addresses a few weeks from now.  The bottom line is that’s the way this technology works, and we wanted to experiment with it for this course. I just wanted you all to be aware of your exposure – something similar to the issue that many of your students aren’t aware of how public their Facebook pages are…

Please comment to this post if you’d like to discuss this issue further, or ask questions.

September 2, 2008   5 Comments

Yes, you can comment too!

Hello all.

I’ve just been reading the series of introductory posts this evening, and leaving a few comments for individuals that may also be of interest to others.

Please also look for the comments indicator at the bottom of each posting.


September 2, 2008   No Comments

Assignment #2 – Special Interests?

Hi everyone –

Just a reminder, in case it doesn’t leap out at you in your review of the course outline, that we will be happy to try to accommodate any special interest you might have in any of the topics for the group module assignment (Assignment #2 – Modules 4-11).  We’ll need to know by this Friday (5th) because that’s when we’ll be assigning your into groups.



September 2, 2008   9 Comments