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A question for David or David or anyone else

Hi everyone,

As the number of posts increase, so will the numbers of tags and replies. I see literally hundreds of bits of information that may not be relevant. Will this blog keep every ounce of information posted since day 1 or will you guys (David & David) attempt to purge the material you deem unnecessary ?

I realize this may be impossible and that some people may be offended… but really, do I need to know about the neighbour’s dog doing # 2 on your lawn? (an example, well… not really)

Tell me what you think.


September 5, 2008   3 Comments

I’ve got it…

Concerned about spider-monkeys or web-scrapers stealing your email address and spending all your money on Ebay.  Cross your eyes and write your address like this.

ac tod cb tod dsatled ta ireipedd   (how’s that for high end technology)

Use a mirror to decipher or better yet, copy the letters as you read them aloud from end to front.  I spent hours and hours and hours trying to decide on a way to protect my email address and then my ten year old said, “papa, why don’t you just do it like this…”  Go to bed kid!

Oh ya, I teach in the delta school district

September 4, 2008   2 Comments

About this weblog’s performance issue, and another approach for keeping up

Hello all, my name is Brian and I work with this weblog project here at UBC.

We are working to identify the source of the performance issue some of you are reporting. Talking with one of our systems administrators, he asked that I try to identify the times when slow performance is causing a problem (this may be a network issue). If the sluggishness of the system is causing you pain, or if you have other questions or problems you can feel free to contact me directly at brian|DOT|lamb|AT|ubc|DOT|ca (that idiosyncratic way of rendering my email address a probably futile attempt to foil spammers and their web-scrapers). Please pass on a brief description of what you were trying to do, and what time of day it was at.

Responding to Sarah’s question regarding how to track activity on this weblog… Speaking for myself, I would be lost without my RSS newsfeed reader. If you are unfamiliar to RSS, I recommend you take a look at this quick video tutorial:


The video suggests Google Reader as one option for reading feeds, another approach is a portal style reader such as Netvibes.

If you wish to use a reader to follow this site there is a feed for entries…

…and a feed for comments:

September 4, 2008   8 Comments


I am new to this platform and one thing I am finding a bit of a challenge is deciphering what posts I have read and which ones I haven’t.  Sorry to make a comparison, but in Vista it highlights what is new to me and hence what I should pay attention to.  I do see that these posts are in sequential order.  Am I missing something here???  Any tips???

September 4, 2008   5 Comments

We’re fixing our YouTube pitch (It’s fixed …)

Looks like our YouTube pitch at the beginning of Module 2 has an expired link.  We’re fixing it.  Thanks to David Wees for noticing it and alerting us.


September 3, 2008   6 Comments

Private Conversations – How To

Another attribute (“feature”?) of the weblog environment is that it doesn’t support private email conversations between individuals and small groups.  In my mind this is a glaring deficit, but one which we’re hoping can be worked around adequately during the course.

How?  Please use your instructors’ external email addresses as supplied for conversations with them.  For the Assignment #2 teams we intend to group-email all the members of each team so at least they have the emails for all of their team members.  Please let us know if you have a problem with your email addresses being shared in this way (it is a matter of the University’s privacy policy that you don’t need to share an email address if you don’t wish).

For all other direct, private connections, we hope you will supply an (appropriated encoded) email address in your self-introduction that your classmates can use to send messages to you.

Comments or suggestions related to this *feature* of weblog environments are welcome….


September 2, 2008   No Comments

Beware – Public Exposure

Just a small point of prudence for ETEC522 students in this weblog environment – please note that, as opposed to VISTA, etc, your contributions to this weblog environment are entirely public (they can be read by anyone on the Internet).

A first concern is simply how you state your email address (if you do – and its up to you) it can be read in this environment by spam crawlers that might want to become your best friend.  That’s why many of us are stating our email addresses in written forms.

A second concern might be both what you say and how you say it.  Our students are rarely prone to defamatory or libelous banter, but you might want to consider your contributions as though you’re part of a panel discussion at a conference.

Why so open?  This might be a point that the Open Source team addresses a few weeks from now.  The bottom line is that’s the way this technology works, and we wanted to experiment with it for this course. I just wanted you all to be aware of your exposure – something similar to the issue that many of your students aren’t aware of how public their Facebook pages are…

Please comment to this post if you’d like to discuss this issue further, or ask questions.

September 2, 2008   5 Comments

Yes, you can comment too!

Hello all.

I’ve just been reading the series of introductory posts this evening, and leaving a few comments for individuals that may also be of interest to others.

Please also look for the comments indicator at the bottom of each posting.


September 2, 2008   No Comments

Assignment #2 – Special Interests?

Hi everyone –

Just a reminder, in case it doesn’t leap out at you in your review of the course outline, that we will be happy to try to accommodate any special interest you might have in any of the topics for the group module assignment (Assignment #2 – Modules 4-11).  We’ll need to know by this Friday (5th) because that’s when we’ll be assigning your into groups.



September 2, 2008   9 Comments