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Question about eportfolios

I am researching eportfolios for a pitch to my k-8 DL program.  They sound like they would fit our program perfectly, but I don’t have any experience with them.

I am wondering if anyone has experience with using eportfolios in  k-12 system that they could share – platform, security, etc.

If you prefer, you could email me at sonnannAtgmailDotcom.

I would appreciate any advice, particularly about platforms used.



November 9, 2008   4 Comments

Analysis prose query

Quick query re: our Assignment 1 (I put this on a comment to another question, but wanted to be sure that others would see the answer to this question)

Is it acceptable to include inline hyperlinks within the text of whatever document we provide in our analysis? I am assuming that APA documenting rules would also mandate the use of further documentation in the Bibliography/Work Cited area too?

October 11, 2008   2 Comments

Crowd Trust question

Davids –

I can’t get the Crowd Trust website up – is anyone else having this problem?

And holy cow – setting the bar pretty high, module 4 group! It looks amazing!


September 30, 2008   1 Comment

Assignments Unveiled?

I figure if I am confused, chances are good that others are too. (at least that’s what I tell my students)

I am having difficulty deciphering the assignments.

Assignment 1 is to be a written piece in an analytical format that will will consider a market environment or a specific venture.  My assumptions follow: (which may be totally off base)

  • this is to be a researched piece with appropriate citations (APA)
  • it will use narative form similar to the articles we have been reading
  • it can consider *any* market or venture

Assignment 2 is a group project about the assigned market presented in some interactive online way

Assignment 3 is the Pitch of the venture written about in Assignment 1

How close am I?

September 24, 2008   2 Comments

Google Docs in Plain English

This 2:50 minute video may be helpful to someone. As a new user, it clarified a few things for me.


September 23, 2008   4 Comments

Calendar software

This is somewhat related to what we are doing in the course… Does anyone in their district have an inclusive calendering solution that (here’s the wish list) connects to Active Directory, allows everyone to have a calendar, group calendars, has a feature to register for events on the calendar, publishes to the web, works with blackberries and iphone, and of course balances my budget and answers the phone? Well maybe not the last two.

Currently working with Corporate Time (oracle) for most of the admin, student support, and itinerants, but have a couple different solutions for publishing events, no online registration features etc.

If someone has a great solution please comment, or email me at, and I would love to look at it using some of the analysis techniques from the course. If you have an idea on costs as well that would be appreciated!



September 23, 2008   No Comments

Answers to questions not asked

While reading through the module 2 & 3 materials made some notes in CMap format.  Idea is to develop them over the course of the modules and reference them when designing and evaluating pitches.  Future versions will be made available at a nominal fee – actually will just post them when and if it happens (suppose will need to add version numbers).

Curious about reaction to the blog interface format.  Candidly, I find it more frustrating to use than Vista and find it affects my interest in the course – suppose that qualifies as exploratory learning.  The use of applications (i.e. a news reader) to add basic functionality to the interface attest to user unfriendliness (and still does not resolve direct access to posts or comments, direct/private communication with users)….

It may also be that patience is worn a little thin through repeated interaction with Shaw this week.  At least telephone and internet service seem stable again (the irony of telephone and online customer support when your the reason for customer support is no telephone and no internet connection).  Will peruse the 118 posts and 197 comments currently on the blog tomorrow and resume comment.  Thank you for your patience

September 19, 2008   16 Comments

Q for David & David

For the Module 3 post – is it ok to analyse the cube characteristics for an e-learning program that was piloted in a few countries, about few years ago, but never took off – one that I know of? I do not have another elearning software or environment in mind as of now. If this would not be ok then do I have the permission to analyse this MET program?


September 16, 2008   2 Comments

highlighting links in messages?

I just posted a message in Mod 3 and including some links. When I wrote the message the links were a different color from the rest of the text but when I published it, you could no longer distinguish between the links and the regular text. Is there a way to make my links more visible to the reader?

September 15, 2008   No Comments

Corporate Jingle and Venture or Marketing Pitch – does one affect the other?

I don’t know if I’m introducing the “Corporate Jingle” a little too early in this course, or if it is part of a marketing pitch that should, should not be part of the pitch process or have I opened a can of worms by stating that I think a corporate Jingle should be part of a pitch campaign?

Case in point,

As a young kid growing up in the Interior of BC, we lived in a community 2 hours drive, north of Spokane Washington, 90 percent of our TV programs came out of that city. KXLY  TV is one that comes to mind, don’t remember the rest.

To this day, 48 years later, I still remember the jingle of two elderly ladies as they sang, “when you dis-co-ver oil… call Boyle… If you tap the notes on the keyboard of a piano, it should sound something like this. First, find middle C then follow the notes for the jingle. When (middle C) you (F) dis (G) co (A) ver (b flat) oil (C) call (b flat) Boyle (A) let the word Boyle resonate for a couple seconds. Does anyone remember hearing that jingle?

To get you to sing the jingle properly is not part of my pitch, but in my opinion, I believe that a Jingle develops an immediate auditory connection as a marketing strategy for the End User. If introduced correctly during the pitch campaign, investors have another reminder of the pitch, the product or service that they can relate to. Possibly even an image of the person who developed the jingle or the day and time it was seen in the board room. (I hesitate to mention that advertising costs money and some businesses may not be financially able to afford TV or radio spots.) I remember Jed, firing his shot gun at some food and saying to myself back then, “I wonder if he knew to call Boyle?”

Just because there is a catchy tune, does it mean a successful business venture, obviously not. But, at least the investor remembers a previous experience to it. If it’s catchy enough and heard often enough, would it persuade an investor to lean in that direction? Everyone is hearing it… I also ask, “Is a Marketing pitch part of the Venture pitch? Are they the same thing?  Is one embedded in the other?”

Let’s look at “life could be a dream sweetheart….” you know you’ve heard that before. What comes to mind? How about, “Home Depot – you can do it, we can help.” What a GREAT line, it implies that, “you CAN do it.” I know lots of wanna-be Home Reno types who are into it knee deep and have no idea how to get out.

thanks, ddp

September 15, 2008   1 Comment

Growing Pains…

Can anyone tell me how I can see if anyone has replied to a reply I posted? I have subscribed to Googer Reader, but it only posts new posts and not the replies to posts (as far as I can see…) The thing is that I have responded to several posts, and I would like to follow through and see what was replied, if anything, subsequently. Sorry, but I’m still going through blogging growing pains… Best, Nancy

September 14, 2008   4 Comments

trying to find a comment

Can anyone tell me how to use the search function properly.

I’m trying to find a link that David V provided regarding a venture he was working on- making connections..and can not figure out who to search for it.

thanks in advance.

Katherine Lithgow

September 13, 2008   3 Comments

Re Development Gateway Foundation

Can’t access  the development gateway foundation resources. Must we join?



September 12, 2008   3 Comments

Group Presentations – Emerging Market Analysis

David ( or anyone else), where can I find the guidelines to this project? I would like to get a head start.

September 10, 2008   1 Comment

Attaching a file?

I wanted to send Nancy a link to the PDF for the how to “How to Pirch a Brilliant Idea” article but I’m not sure how to do this on a blog. Can anyone help?



September 10, 2008   3 Comments

Need help finding venture pitches

A few days ago I quickly watched a couple pitches and have since forgot where they were. Recombo & others.

Thanks in advance for your help. I’ve looked everywhere, I think.


September 10, 2008   4 Comments

Building the cloud

Hello all.

Just a little reminder to help us all navigate, as well as find posts and comments more easily.

As you write a post, please remember to indicate:

* category from the category list provided

* tags: such a M1, M2, M3 etc. to help us navigate, as well as find posts

September 8, 2008   No Comments

Problems accessing pitches


I’ve been watching the pitches this rainy, cold afternoon, and Recombo 2004 and the UBC IT pitch won’t play for me. They give me a message saying ‘unexpected system exception’. Is the problem on my end or your end?

Thanks! Laura

September 7, 2008   5 Comments

A question for David or David or anyone else

Hi everyone,

As the number of posts increase, so will the numbers of tags and replies. I see literally hundreds of bits of information that may not be relevant. Will this blog keep every ounce of information posted since day 1 or will you guys (David & David) attempt to purge the material you deem unnecessary ?

I realize this may be impossible and that some people may be offended… but really, do I need to know about the neighbour’s dog doing # 2 on your lawn? (an example, well… not really)

Tell me what you think.


September 5, 2008   3 Comments

I’ve got it…

Concerned about spider-monkeys or web-scrapers stealing your email address and spending all your money on Ebay.  Cross your eyes and write your address like this.

ac tod cb tod dsatled ta ireipedd   (how’s that for high end technology)

Use a mirror to decipher or better yet, copy the letters as you read them aloud from end to front.  I spent hours and hours and hours trying to decide on a way to protect my email address and then my ten year old said, “papa, why don’t you just do it like this…”  Go to bed kid!

Oh ya, I teach in the delta school district

September 4, 2008   2 Comments

About this weblog’s performance issue, and another approach for keeping up

Hello all, my name is Brian and I work with this weblog project here at UBC.

We are working to identify the source of the performance issue some of you are reporting. Talking with one of our systems administrators, he asked that I try to identify the times when slow performance is causing a problem (this may be a network issue). If the sluggishness of the system is causing you pain, or if you have other questions or problems you can feel free to contact me directly at brian|DOT|lamb|AT|ubc|DOT|ca (that idiosyncratic way of rendering my email address a probably futile attempt to foil spammers and their web-scrapers). Please pass on a brief description of what you were trying to do, and what time of day it was at.

Responding to Sarah’s question regarding how to track activity on this weblog… Speaking for myself, I would be lost without my RSS newsfeed reader. If you are unfamiliar to RSS, I recommend you take a look at this quick video tutorial:


The video suggests Google Reader as one option for reading feeds, another approach is a portal style reader such as Netvibes.

If you wish to use a reader to follow this site there is a feed for entries…

…and a feed for comments:

September 4, 2008   8 Comments


I am new to this platform and one thing I am finding a bit of a challenge is deciphering what posts I have read and which ones I haven’t.  Sorry to make a comparison, but in Vista it highlights what is new to me and hence what I should pay attention to.  I do see that these posts are in sequential order.  Am I missing something here???  Any tips???

September 4, 2008   5 Comments