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After many, many… reiterations of this assignment, here is my A3.  This is a mock company, but a real project that is in development.  It is scheduled to be operational September 2009 with our class of 2013.  I hope this gets to the proper place as I have a history of some creative and unintentional mischief when uploading

ETEC 522 assignment #3

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Hello Everyone

Because of where I work, I am unable to use YouTube as access to this site is restricted. I’ve had to resort to a PowerPoint Presentation instead.

I tried loading a .htm as well as a .mht file to demonstrate my pitch but this site would not allow me to load these files. I switched it over to a PDF file which is a shame because it looks and works so much better in a browser.

The PowerPoint (Pitch) is best viewed either in a new window or in a seperate tab. Double click on the picture to activate the presentation.

Pitch     Sound for Pitch

The website (Collide) is below


Cheers all!


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“Articulate” superimposed on “the cube!”

I’ve chosen Articulate as my e-learning product. This software suite is intended for users to deliver “rapid e-learning to any community of choice” and comprises a set of authoring tools, a flash-based presentation tool imported from Powerpoint, (WOW!) a quiz making tool to assess and conduct surveys, a means to create interactivity and an LMS.

 The essence of this product is to hand over the reins of development and delivery to the user. In the words of one of their sales support rep, “we provide the hammer and nails, you make the house!”

 1. Market Focus:

Articulate is found in all three vertical markets, K- 12; Higher Ed, Corporate and Government. Given that their focus is to provide the tools all markets are of interest to them. A key element of their success lies in the infrastructure in place to support the tools for each market.

 For example: there is a highly successful blog, created by Tom Kuhlmann who has done a fabulous job of pushing creative instructional design tips out to the marketplace. He has over 10,000 subscribers making it the most read blog in the e-learning industry.


 2. Types of Offerings:

As Articulate is out of the content/customized content game entirely; they only provide the tools, support, and LMS infrastructure to the user.

 3. Who is the Buyer:

The majority of buyers are found in the corporate setting, with academic institutions and government representing the other key client base. Purchasing is largely made centrally by larger corporate headquarters, and with IT departments at University and government levels. Larger non-profit societies such as the Canadian Cancer Society and The UN are also clients of Articulate.

 4. Global Markets

The market focus for Articulate is represented broadly with the exception of areas where there is poor quality internet service. They are represented in 115 countries, including North/South America, Europe and Asia and in more than 12,000 organizations. Now that is serious market penetration! They are also represented in military and maritime organizations.

 5. Development of the Market

This facet of the cube looks to developing the market in a quadrant of possibilities. Articulate is not in markets which have poor internet infrastructure or marginal languages, but flourish in markets which support custom work. They thrive in markets where content can be developed at any level, from the individual through to the corporation and government. It knows no real boundaries other than those with marginal technological infrastructure.

 6. Learning Technology Competing with Other Forms of Learning

 Again, given that Articulate is a tool which can be manipulated to serve many masters, it can fit within other forms of learning, albeit not always optimally. The real question is how to engage the learning communities to see the value that this learning technology brings to the table and make allowances for its shortcomings by adding instructor led involvement.


 Certainly Articulate can work within a well developed learning system. Articulate Online has recently been added to their suite of software tools to track e-learning activity, as their LMS equivalent.


 As well, it could serve as the other form of learning technology for a region, however it may not be optimal if this is the only modality for learning.


 Articulate is by far one of the most flexible learning technology components, and while it may compete with an existing learning system, it can easily be geared up or down depending on the political circumstance.


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Module 2 Business Bootcamp – other internet resources

I’ve worked with students in this program (Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET)  They are involved in some really amazing ventures.  There may be similar programs offered at other institutions. What I noted about many of the students was how involved they were with the community, and how they “give back”  -reminiscient of the The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid article (Prahalad & Hart)

From the website:

Why Was the Centre Created?

The Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (CBET) was created to support, build on, and expand the entrepreneurial initiatives at the University Waterloo. The university’s reputation for encouraging and spinning off successful entrepreneurial ventures is unmatched in Canada.

What does CBET do?

We offer the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) program. The 12-month program is designed for entrepreneurially-oriented people who need the business skills to move ideas from concept to successful commercialization.

In addition, we work with UW undergraduate student groups, such as UW DECA, SBSA, Impact, UW ACE, and CUTC to support their initiatives.

Our Outreach programs are designed for executives of companies, both large and small, who want to create or enhance a culture of innovation within their company.

Finally, we have a strong group of faculty who do research on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

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Need help finding venture pitches

A few days ago I quickly watched a couple pitches and have since forgot where they were. Recombo & others.

Thanks in advance for your help. I’ve looked everywhere, I think.


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