trying to find a comment

Can anyone tell me how to use the search function properly.

I’m trying to find a link that David V provided regarding a venture he was working on- making connections..and can not figure out who to search for it.

thanks in advance.

Katherine Lithgow

September 13, 2008   3 Comments

Avatars – visually representing your posts

One of the features of the Word Press blog we’re using is its ability to associate your comment with a visual “avatar,” a picture or image representing you.

You can find where to upload your avatar by logging into the blog space and then selecting from the top menu:

Users > Your Avatar

There, you can select and upload an image from your own files.


September 7, 2008   3 Comments

Yes, you can comment too!

Hello all.

I’ve just been reading the series of introductory posts this evening, and leaving a few comments for individuals that may also be of interest to others.

Please also look for the comments indicator at the bottom of each posting.


September 2, 2008   No Comments