Deepika’s Intro


Hello friends,


Apologies for this late landing – I had some unexplained lapses in communication – just got to the blog yesterday and set myself up!


I am Deepika Sharma from India. This is my 5th ETEC course. I have just laddered up to the Masters degree from the TBLS that I had registered for initially – a measure of how much I have enjoyed and gained from this course!


I am a full-time mom, a part-time education consultant as well part-time student. We live in western India, in a city called Pune – the city that is known as the Oxford of the East, the automobile capital of India and now the software Mecca. No surprise then that my husband works for one of India’s largest automobile companies. I have two children age 11 (boy) and 13 (girl) and a beagle aged 2! We returned from a 5 year stint overseas 10 months ago –  Vietnam (3 years) and Kuala Lumpur (2 years) – so the children have just about settled into a new  environment albeit home base!


As a consultant I work in the field of education technology. My previous employment was with an NGO – World Links, based in Washington DC – that spun off as the education arm of the World Bank to work in developing countries in less served schools, enabling teachers to integrate technology in the curriculum and classroom. Until 5 years ago I looked after their program in India. Then came the sabbatical and this course. I have once again picked up old threads with World Links and now work with them as a part-time consultant on education projects in South East Asia, having just wound up one in Vietnam. The only other commitment that I have this term, so far,  is a course organized by the World Bank Institute for educators from the region in Seoul (I see someone in this course is based in Seoul – Ali?), in November which I will help facilitate partly.


My part-time student life will be spent with you all, which I look forward to immensely. The four courses that I have completed so far have been intensely thought-provoking and extremely enjoyable! The revelation that this course will run on a blog is exciting – I have just made “blogging for education” part of my workshop series, so it would be nice to walk my talk J


Other than this I love to travel, read, listen to music and watch movies with my family. I am an avid scrap-booker and obviously not a woman of few words J Apologies if the length of this note exceeded your patience limit!


I see some familiar faces – Nancy I remember you from the January 2008 course – great to be with you again!


…with my husband and children in Alaska (glacier) this summer




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DB’s self intro

Hey all. Good to see a few familiar faces here from other courses I’ve taken in the past two semesters. This will be either number 5 or 6. I’ve learned a tremendous amount within the confines of WebCT and though I’ve been on the ‘net in its various forms since Bitnet and just after the TLD “.com” was introduced, I’ve never explored the blog authoring environment. To use it as a course medium will be an intriguing experience when compared to the strict confines of WebCT.

[

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One More Time

I am taking my 6th and 7th MET course this term, and writing one more introduction.

I teach music K-7 in North Vancouver, BC. While I was trying to decide what I *really* wanted to be when I grew up I was a: Bank Teller (too boring), Office Manager (no room to grow), database designer (design is fun, but they always want you to stay and run the system), export manager (interesting, but would have been more fun to travel than send things), and a system manager for a VAX (if you know what that is, you are old like me!) So I come by the leaning toward computers honestly, and I use them as much as possible in my teaching, and I’m the IT contact for my school.

I have a degree in Marketing and Management, so the business side of the class doesn’t intimidate me.  I’m looking forward to “boot camp” and the opportunity to learn.

I took a really nice picture to include here, but realized that I left the cord for my camera in California on vacation last week, so this is from last winter of me with my dog, Andante.

I am (also) quickly becoming frustrated with how slow this server is. It took me over 10 minutes to get this post started. I hope this issue gets resolved quickly. I gave up trying to look up what tags I was supposed to use, (I’ve been waiting for the page to load for 5 minutes now. Hopefully I came close.

You can contact me at carolannf AT gmail DOT com

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Introduction – Joe Dobson

Hi Everyone,

Seems like a great mix of folks in this course.  I teach ESL at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops.  I’ve been here for the past several years – initially I was teaching Japanese, but last year changed departments.  Previously I lived in Sapporo, Japan for a number of years.  I’m originally from Vancouver, so I haven’t ended up all that far away thus far.

I’m new to the MET program and am looking forward to being on the other side of the fence again.  The use of technology in language teaching has grown exponentially over the years and I’m interested in tapping into its potential uses much further.  I’ve been using Moodle and Wimba primarily – but not in any overly creative way.  I’m currently taking 511 along with this course.

Looking forward to the course and getting to know you all better.  My email address is jdobson (at)


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Fetya’s intro

Hello everyone!  It’s been really nice getting to know you all through your posts and pictures…what an intersting group of people! 🙂

My name is Fetya and I’m originally a Montrealer, now living in Seattle … two great cities!

I’ve just transfered my MET degree from Concordia University to UBC, yet I still have a load of courses to complete.  I’m very eager to get started and am particularly curious about this class.  My interest in ed tech stems primarily from my personal learning style and the advantages I’ve appreciated through learning “online”.  I believe that in due time, educational technology will make learning accessible for people who are otherwise not catered to in the traditional system… I’m excited to take part in making this change happen!!

I am also taking 511, 512 and 531.  Feel free to contact me at

Best of luck and ‘bon courage’!

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Yes, you can comment too!

Hello all.

I’ve just been reading the series of introductory posts this evening, and leaving a few comments for individuals that may also be of interest to others.

Please also look for the comments indicator at the bottom of each posting.


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Introduction – Drew Murphy

Hello to everyone!

I’m a secondary school teacher with over 20 years experience (wow, that sounds old!!).  And I’ve been involved with technology in some shape or form for most of that time.  I really enjoy exploring ways to make technology work in classrooms.  I find that now more than ever is such an interesting time to be an educator and to imagine new ways of learning and interacting through technology.

Specifically, I’m a technology/business teacher at Chatelech Secondary in Sechelt, BC.  I teach and manage an in-school online program called Planning 10 and Portfolio. In this program I’ve been experimenting with online teaching methods and applying a variety of 2.0 tools.  I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in designing the online learning system we use at our school.  Tons of fun!

When I’m not playing with technology, I’m coaching my son’s soccer team (or he’s coaching me about the latest Halo 3 developments), renovating something in the house, or reading books on teaching and technology.  Both my wife and I are teachers and so the conversation is often about school and tech stuff.  Actually, she’s looking forward to discussing this course with me.  Should be interesting???

I can be reached at  I’m looking forward to meeting everyone online.

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Intro PS

Wow, I was so excited to finish my first ever blog post that I forgot to add my email: I can be reached at

Whew! Laura

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Introduction – Laura Macleod

Hi all

I’m Laura Macleod. This is my first semester as a MET student and I’m looking forward to the program. I’m based in Toronto, where I work in educational publishing (textbooks for higher education, no comments about textbook prices please!). I’ve spent my whole career to date in educational publishing – right now I’m in charge of lists in history, English, and sociology, although I’ve also worked on assorted other social science and humanities subjects over the years.

My goal for the program – and certainly in this class – is to try and get a glimpse of where education is going. I don’t think books are going away anytime soon, but I do think the landscape we all work in is shifting and I think there’s some amazing opportunities to marry technology and education. I doubt I’ll be retired in time to miss all the coming excitment so I figured it was time to roll up my sleeves and see what it’s all about.

The picture below is me and my family in NYC last summer. It’s surprising hard to find a picture of yourself when you’ve got kids and dogs!


Looking forward to getting to know you all.


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Introduction – Crystal Pullman

Hi everyone!

This term is my first as an MET student, and I’m enrolled in four courses this term and four courses in January. I graduated from my BA (Honours English, Honours Contemporary Studies, and a minor in Criminology) and my BEd in June and have enjoyed the few months I’ve had off this summer. I am from Ontario, and have just moved down to California with my partner who is now working for Google.

I’ve found that just logging into all of my courses today seems a bit overwhelming, so if anyone has any tips for the courses I’m enrolled in, I would appreciate it (511, 512, 522 of course, and 531).

So far California has been a nice place to live, but unfortunately I have found that I can’t work down here, which is why I decided that the MET through UBC seemed like a great opportunity.

I look forward to working with everyone! My email is

– Crystal

Note – The picture below is of one of my classes in Italy from April

                                        My grade 4 class in L'Aquila, Italy

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Introduction – Jarrod Bell

Hi there, my name is Jarrod Bell. I work in School District 60: Peace River North as the Principal of Technology for the district. I’m just transitioning from my previous job as a physics and computers teacher as well as educational technology itinerant for the district. Here is a shot of me above the Peace River between Hudson’s Hope and Fort St John taken last October.

I’ve been fortunate to work with people like Gerry Paille and David Vandergugten on many projects including moodle, wireless writing project, wordpress, DL etc. I’m excited to see the course is in a WordPress blog as I’ve switched over all my district public sites to WordPress (really simple to do and free if you have a web server).

We’re providing our teachers with Moodle space and have even started selling curriculum courses built in moodle to other districts. This is a major reason I am interested in the ventures course as it appears to be something that will only get bigger with how the current BC legislation is reshaping distributed learning.

You can reach me at

Looking forward to working and learning with everyone!

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Introduction- Katherine Lithgow

Hi all,

This is my second last course in the program. I’ve never taken any sort of business course before so am looking forward to this.

I’m currently working with the Centre for Teaching Excellence at the University of Waterloo where I work with instructors in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, In addition I coordinate the eportfolio activities here on campus.

I have 2 daughters- one heading off to her second year in university, and my youngest who has just finished her first day in Grade 12.

Looking forward to the term. I can be reached by email at klithgow/at/uwaterloodotca



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Introduction – David Wees

Hi all,

Already made my first oops! and tried to do my introduction as a comment on someone else’s intro.  Hahaha.

Anyway, this course seems like it is going to be very exciting and a lot more practical than my previous two courses in the MET degree which were heavily entrenched in educational theory.

I’m a mathematics teacher, and have spent the last 6 years living and working abroad.  My first stay was in Brooklyn, NY where I taught inner city youth and learned all about classroom management.  I moved onto London, England where I taught in an international school.  I now work in Thailand in another international school called ‘Ruamrudee International School’.

My interests, outside of teaching mathematics, are in developing web applications and websites, bicycling to and from work (bit of a trick in London), and hanging out with my family.  I’m particularly interested in developing what are called modules for the Drupal web platform and playing around with fun Flash and JavaScript mini-applications.

My profile of work I’ve created so far is available to view at my blog.  It contains a collection of things I’ve played around with from a variety of different web programming languages and applications.

You can contact me at davidwees AT gmail DOT com.

Riding an Elephant in Chiang Mai

Riding an Elephant in Chiang Mai

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Hello from Susan Wilson

Hello everyone!  My name is Susan Wilson and I am in my second year and hopefully final year in the ETEC program. 

I live and teach in Wawota Saskatchewan.  I am excited to have taken a leave from my administrative duties and a partial leave from my teaching responsibilities so that I can work through seven courses this year.  I love teaching without the administrative stress and I am happy to get back into classes.

This year I will be teaching three classes online; Physics 20, Physics 30 and Accounting 10.  I am also excited about teaching my oldest son in Grade 5.  We will be doing a little desktop publishing then hopefully pod and video casts.  Before touching the computers we are working on teamwork and collaboration skills though : )

In addition to my son in grade 5, I also have two daughters; one in grade 4 and the other in grade 1.  Since I only teach mornings, I have time to myself in the afternoons.  This is difficult to get used to but I’m sure that I will soon come to enjoy it!

You can reach me at .  My twitter name is swils and I use the same for my account if you are interested in sharing!

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Melissa’s Introduction


My name is Melissa Anders. I am originally from Montreal, but moved to Vancouver a year and a half ago, following my partner who got accepted to Law School at UBC. This semester, I am taking my 8th and 9th courses in the MET program, this course as well as ETEC 531. I can’t believe I am so close to the end of the program already.

As an elementary school teacher, I have always been interested in the role technology can play in assisting in teaching young students to read. The majority of programs I have used when helping students with reading difficulties have all been in book format. I am interested in exploring what computer or internet based programs do or do not exist.

I look forward to working with you all and getting to know you better over the course of the semester.

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