E-learning as a recession hedge? Could this be part of a pitch?

Came across an interesting little theory about E-learning companies and consumer behaviour during a recession.  Have a look, its fast….. What do you think?  Do you agree?

September 10, 2008   7 Comments

Pitchers and Hitters

I’m really enjoying this process!! And as I listen and observe the various pitches, one notion keeps coming up for me as an EVA.  Apart from the typical issues around market readiness and presenter credibility, etc…, I keep looking for evidence of credibility about the people making and designing these products.

This is software and from my experience in dealing with software development, the programmers, engineers and designers have a very influential role in the direction and outcome of a software venture.  Programming is a very intense and creative craft and the process of software development from idea through to completion is an incredibly complex process fraught with potential interpersonal issues, idea conflicts and misinterpretation.  Its a huge challenge to keep this process on track.   As a result, what you might be pitching  at one end of the business might not resemble what’s actually coming out the other end.   In the recombo interview, I got the feeling that they were still sorting out the influence of the engineers at the marketing end.  And in the Ingenia pitch, I had a red flag at the point where she glossed over the connection they’d made with a Thai software firm.  Who were they?  What was their track record.

So I see some useful questions going unanswered in these pitches.  Who is actually coding the software?  Are these designers and programmers any good?  What else have they done?  Are they greenhorns?  Who is ultimately hitting the keyboard?

September 9, 2008   5 Comments