Just wanted to add my 2¢ and kudos to the organizers of this past week’s activities on freeweb! It was thought provoking and quite a bit of fun too! Well done on an easy-to-participate, engaging module!


October 6, 2008   4 Comments

Social networking and the public good

Web projects like kiva.org have demonstrated that great ideas like Grameen Bank can also find a life on the Internet through socially networked projects that benefit humans in other parts of the planet.

Now Google has caught this wave with its project called 10tothe100th.

What do you think of these projects, and are there others of this genre that you know about in the social networking space?


Post your reply here –> on Freewebs, in the Mod4 team space

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Module 4 is Underway !!

Hi everyone.

Just a note and nudge, if it isn’t obvious, that the Module 4 Team has launched their learning experience and is looking for your active participation.   You can go their great set-up at:


Thanks very much,


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Resource: Opening Up Education

Just came across this link…


Opening Up Education
The Collective Advancement of Education through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge
Edited by Toru Iiyoshi and M. S. Vijay Kumar
Foreword by John Seely Brown

“… Opening Up Education argues that we must develop not only the technical capability but also the intellectual capacity for transforming tacit pedagogical knowledge into commonly usable and visible knowledge: by providing incentives for faculty to use (and contribute to) open education goods, and by looking beyond institutional boundaries to connect a variety of settings and open source entrepreneurs.”



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