Drew Murphy’s Venture Pitch

You’ll find the links below to the executive summary and the full pitch proposal.

This proposal is about a venture possibility, we call classconnections, involving the development of innovative, classroom ready online assignment marking and discussion tools.   The concept of classconnections is based on our years of experience integrating and observing teachers using technololgy in the classroom setting. We’ve currently developed our own successful online school community system we call xspression.  And, classconnections is the next iteration of classroom software for teachers in our ongoing development process.  Check it out.  Its quite interesting.

Both videos may be found at the same location.

Executive Summary…

Full Pitch ……..

November 23, 2008   13 Comments

Throwing Open the Gates at Royal Roads University

Hi all,

My pitch is intrepreneurial and it’s real – I’m meeting with the AVPs Academic and Research as well as a bunch of others next week. The goal of my pitch is get people on board with the idea of Royal Roads beginning to share course content and ultimately joining the OpenCourseWare Consortium.  My rationale is that sharing could help us in a number of ways, some that would benefit us, and some that would benefit education generally and enable us to have a positive impact on learning in a global sense.

Please view my pitch on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1avzWv3_JDw

Looking forward to your feedback!


November 23, 2008   13 Comments

Interactive Feedback Machine

Hi Everyone,

I’ve put my pitch and executive summary on a Google sites page.  The link to the pitch on Youtube and the summary (see the bottom of the page as an attachment) are found there.  It’s my first time with Google Sites, so hopefully things work.  The “Interactive Feedback Machine” is presented for your consideration, and even has a brief cameo (sort of) of Dr. Vogt.  Enjoy!

See http://sites.google.com/site/interactivefeedback/Home


November 22, 2008   10 Comments