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Hi all – just a quick reminder that we’re nearing the end of our discussions and activities about Open Source Emerging Markets here: The dialogue has been incredibly robust and it’s really exciting to see so much action on the site. We’ll be having a synchronous chat on the site tomorrow night (Sunday)  at 8:30pm for those who can join us. We’ll also be posting a transcript of the chat and a summation of the activity that’s happened this week shortly after our week is up for those who’d like to see it in that form.

Thanks for all the fantastic contributions!


October 18, 2008   3 Comments

Moodle and the cube

I chose to look at moodle for my analysis since I work with it often.

Face #1 Market Focus

Moodle’s market focus is to provide people that need learning management software in all three of K-12, Higher Ed, and Training, with a free, open source solution. I’ve seen it utilized in the MET, university of Waterloo counseling, K-12, and as a training LMS/CMS in various situations where a group needed something but couldn’t afford a paid solution such as blackboard or d2l.

Face #2  Types of Offerings

Moodle as an organization offers the software as well as community driven, created, and monitored support. Moodle does license other for profit groups for paid training, hosting, and certification. ( Moodle does organized conferences (moodlemoots) but users by and far create and share content freely through groups such as (BC Curriculum)

Face #3 Who is the Buyer

The purchasing buyer of a moodle national/regional license provider is for profit educational group. The rest of us happily purchase moodle software for free. Mostly the people involved are teachers, technologists, school authorities that are looking for a free solution to an LMS/CMS

Face #4 Global Markets

Moodle has multi language support that has been created through social networks. I’ve added the french component for some of my immersion teachers that come to my district with sometime low english technology vocabular. I’m thinking about adding the german and russian for some of our ESL students as well. This social contribution has made moodle accessible across the globe. Moodle runs on the free Apache server as well so the software infrastructure is free as well.

Face #5 Development of Market

Looking at the four categories of the development face I would say that moodle plays nicely in all the markets saving the one that does not have the physical infrastructure. I would enjoy playing with one of the xo laptops from the OLPC and see if it could host an apache server (which I believe it will) to load a moodle instance on it and serve to other xo’s in the wireless range.

Face #6 Competing with other forms of Learning

Moodle in my school district has been used to replace some f2f reporting for graduation requirements. While there is a teacher available there is no scheduled brick and mortar classroom time for this required four credit course. Moodle is also competing with commercial offerings such as blackboard/webct, and desire 2 learn (d2l). Moodle has facilitated the creation and sale of learning objects to other school districts. It enables us to compete in the DL market for students in a newly legislated, increasingly competitive market for distributed learners.

Moodle has been used in hybrid learning environments where there is a f2f and computer component. It can also be used in f2f and distributed or purely distributed environments. It plays well with others.

September 17, 2008   3 Comments

Hello from Mark McVittie

Hello colleagues!

My name is Mark McVittie, and I teach in Kamloops, BC.  I teach secondary Math, but also have a block of Leadership and a block of Distributed Learning Support this school year.  We have, this past weekend, moved back into Kamloops city, but our home is in Sorrento – about an hour East of Kamloops.  Unfortunately, the price of gas made the commute a little too expensive, but I have a couple extra hours in my day right now!

I am currently taking this course, as well as ETEC 511 – as my 4th and 5th courses in MET.  This is the first time I’ve tackled two courses at once, so we’ll see how that goes…

My wife and I have two beautiful children – Robbie is 8, and Catie is 4.  My wife is not only returning to the classroom (Library actually) full-time, but is also contemplating starting her own masters program in January.

Anyway, nice to try something new with the Weblog, as my previous courses have all been in Vista.   I use Moodle in my class, and am enjoying that, but am considering moving to Google Apps mostly because of the significant delay in administrivia – our VP does not wish to share that ability with me, so I’m constantly waiting for him, and his schedule is a little busy…  I have some webspace, so perhaps will attempt to figure out how to set up my own Moodle server or something.



Mark, Robbie and Catie in front of CP 2816 - Notch Hill, BC

Mark, Robbie and Catie in front of CP 2816 - Notch Hill, BC

September 2, 2008   5 Comments