I found this Education Channel Partners report which had a very nice section at the end about how to evaluate products. It has a very clear focus on sales and marketing, which my experience is the most difficult part to get right. So rather than the cube, I will use this multifaceted approach.

The product I have looked at is also unique in that it was created as part of a government contract. I chose it because it is one of the best music education sites I have ever encountered. You can look at it here Sound Junction

Education Market Emphasis The Sound Junction site is geared toward K-12 education as well as homeschoolers and could be appealing to some post secondary institutions

Target Education Contacts In the end user category, target contacts in this case would be Technology Coordinators, Curriculum Coordinators, teachers, students, and parents. In the development category, the site was written in conjunction with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in the UK.

Sales & Marketing Methodologies & Activities From browsing the site and looking at the user base, I would say that they were likely to have used sponsorships, strategic partners, and also email/blogs as a marketing methodology.

Staffing The site appears to have moderators which implies staff. In the design phase they employed a Technical development company, Atticmedia Ltd. It was commissioned by Culture Online, part of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, of the UK Government.

Geographic Field Sales Coverage Area This product seems to be aimed mostly at the UK, but is also appealing to any English speaking country which is connected to the Internet.

Product & Service Offerings Sound Junction offers Online curriculum, professional development, educational video’s, and games. In addition they also offer alternate ways to browse their site, with their journey mode. They have lessons online and content that was created by commissioned artists.

Purchasing Options It’s free! (and there is nothing for a fee on the site)

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Doug’s Introduction

Playing Thunderbird bass

Hi Everyone

As you might speculate…my passion is playing music…particularly rock music. Music is a big part of my personal life. I also play drums and guitar and hope to be a “Lenny Kravitz-like” musician some day…i.e. play all the instruments in a recording.

I’m happily married for 21 years and live on a farm by Highridge Alberta. My wife and I run a part-time horse stable business. Our “real” job is teachers at The Alberta Distance Learning Centre (

For the past 15+ years I’ve taught in a distributed learning environment, starting at the Saskatchewan Government Correspondence School (  then migrating to ADLC about 6 years ago. Within the 6 years in Alberta, I’ve taken two leaves of absences from teaching and have managed course development at The Open School BC, in Victoria BC. (

In 2004 I earned a MEd from the University of Saskatchewan, in the Educational Technology program. With the years of DL teaching and KSA’s from the MEd in ETEC, I’m very stoked about this course. An entrepreneur approach to DL has been mulling around in my head for a few years so hoping I can come out of this course with a solid business plan.


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