Three Deal Making Principles

According to Joan Wood Moser, “Intrigue opens the deal, Facts justify the deal and Emotion closes the deal”.

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September 16, 2008   4 Comments

a great pitch


I would like to share the following clips with you.

The Elevator Pitch



Make a great pitch



September 11, 2008   7 Comments

the Entreprenuer and the Intrapranuer – OLT and Recombo

I choose the Recombo pitch and that of Michelle – OLT. First of all, I too quite enjoy the scrutiny of these videos. Like dissecting a frog for the first time. The more you do it, the more you get out of it.

I selected Recombo and OLT because I believe these two people define the entreprenuerial and the intraprenuerial spirit. Two terms that were less clear to me before the pitches. Brad was about venture capital and Michelle needed to work within the constraints of her company walls. Both video clips enlighten me to a world of work that is very different from mine.

It is evident that Michelle is experimenting with management techniques such as work coop students, IT people who were senior design members and students who were the “knowledge builders.” A form of Open Source was developing here. Brad was looking at 100 million with an established repertoire of specialists.

In the opening first few minutes of Recombo, I expected a better pitch from Brad He seemed quite wordy and I found his confidence to be lacking somewhat and I found myself still asking, what does Recombo really do? I think it was his line, “great big huge piece of Technology on multiple computers and we can just add components together…” made me feel he was talking down to the listeners and left me wondering. Did he know that we were his intended listeners back in 05? The punch, for me, just wasn’t there. Having been previously interviewed in 04, maybe Brad felt that the viewers already had some background information re: Recombo, “Business Problem Solvers.” Michelle, on the other hand, seemed confident from the get go and clear with her responsibilities.

As Brad continued, I could now see he was becoming a master of his craft as he spoke often of integrative platforms that Recombo developed and controlled. He was clever enough to answer all questions and his depth was becoming apparent. His passion for the company began to shine and it was evident with contractual commitment with Lighthouse. They were their to solve “business problems.” Quite an undertaking of sorts for a company of only 12 people.

Michelle spoke eloquently at times describing the support required from her team and consequently, the expectations from OLT. She realizes it would be better to “outsource” – her mention of Wiki’s and Weblogs – rather than burden her central organization with something that is already available and supported. Why re-invent the wheel right? She is clear that the team does not become overburdened trying implement outside technologies. Her market niche is faculty and the kids on campus. She needed something effective, that was supported and over all, it had to work. Technical innovation came from a blend of “creativity and innovation” of a multitude of users, including staff. Who better than the end user to develop the product/process.

With the OLT, market readiness seems to be, shoot from the hip, though they seem to be standing on their own and Brad assures the viewer the Recombo is always market ready. I like his metaphor, “play well with others.”

Would I trust my money with these two at the helm…? Hmmm, I’m not quite sure. Probably, if I had some. I was, however, disappointed when Brad mentioned that he and partners would leave if they could not focus and “if the price is right, you sell.”  I guess I come from the old school where, “if it’s not right, you fix it.” And that means more focus.

Funny, there was never any mention of Mike Gardner – CEO of Recombo. Is he a recent transplant…?

September 11, 2008   5 Comments

How about some inspiration?

Here’s where some of the hottest new technology plays are being unveiled today …

The TechCrunch50 event in San Francisco.

This is the pitch pool on steroids!

September 10, 2008   2 Comments

Public Forum Reminder

Just a small reminder, when making comments about pitches and the people behind them, to focus on business rather than personal issues.  There’s no question that the credibility of the pitch-maker is a huge business issue, but remember that this blog is a public forum and those individuals (or people they depend upon) might find your commentary within searches, etc.  So say exactly what you feel, but learn to position your commentary in polished professional prose…   Thanks!

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