Mod 8 – Forum Syndication

Good news…

Now you can access a syndication feed for our discussion forum.  Click the ‘feed’ icon in the top right of the forum.

Once again, please be sure to add your name to any posts you make.

October 28, 2008   1 Comment

About this weblog’s performance issue, and another approach for keeping up

Hello all, my name is Brian and I work with this weblog project here at UBC.

We are working to identify the source of the performance issue some of you are reporting. Talking with one of our systems administrators, he asked that I try to identify the times when slow performance is causing a problem (this may be a network issue). If the sluggishness of the system is causing you pain, or if you have other questions or problems you can feel free to contact me directly at brian|DOT|lamb|AT|ubc|DOT|ca (that idiosyncratic way of rendering my email address a probably futile attempt to foil spammers and their web-scrapers). Please pass on a brief description of what you were trying to do, and what time of day it was at.

Responding to Sarah’s question regarding how to track activity on this weblog… Speaking for myself, I would be lost without my RSS newsfeed reader. If you are unfamiliar to RSS, I recommend you take a look at this quick video tutorial:


The video suggests Google Reader as one option for reading feeds, another approach is a portal style reader such as Netvibes.

If you wish to use a reader to follow this site there is a feed for entries…

…and a feed for comments:

September 4, 2008   8 Comments