The Lesson of EVA Fatigue

I’m pleased to see the level of activity within the Venture Forum so far.

One of the potentially less-obvious learning objectives of module 12 is also one of the most important for the whole course, so I’m taking this opportunity to highlight it.

Right after handing in your A3, which I’m sure each of you feels is brilliant (that goes with the entrepreneur/intrapreneur territory), you step into the shoes of an investor or executive who sees so many proposals that they’re numb.  Any set of venture proposals will seem like a dog’s breakfast to every potential investor or decision maker.  The only thing that can make yours stand out is you: you have to inspire them with confidence that you can actually do this thing you’re talking about, and you have to make sure that nothing in your pitch diminishes that confidence.
Simple, isn’t it?

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Venture Forum Review Assignments

Just a note that I’ll be sending out your individual review assignments for the Venture Forum over the next hour to your email addresses, so if you don’t receive yours please let me know ASAP.  Thanks,


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DVogt’s Venture Forum Pitch :: CrowdTrust

Greetings, ETEC522 Venture Forum –

As promised, here’s a real live venture that I’m leading.  You were introduced to an early CrowdTrust pitch in the course – the reason we didn’t explore it further or use it more was that, behind the scenes, I was rebuilding the product for commercialization.  We have a Beta release this week, so I’m very excited!  Anyway, the executive summary is below.   The full pitch isn’t “public” yet, so if you want to review the details or try our Beta release I’d be delighted for your critical response – please email me directly and I’ll send you the document and link details.


CrowdTrust :: Network What You Know

Executive Summary
CrowdTrust is a web service enabling individuals to harness their web presence (their browser history, interests, ideas, expertise, networks, feeds, audiences, etc.) with unprecedented ease and impact.

We will become a $100M company as the dominant player in web presence and search personalization.

CrowdTrust believes that the “social web” is about to get very personal – that the technologies and demand for personal web services, autonomy, and advantage are rapidly emerging and will soon dominate Internet culture and commerce.

Market Problem
We address two core, coupled Internet problems: 1) Industry Pain: better service isn’t possible without exploiting identity; and 2) User Friction: online social networking and reputation management are simply too much work.

Our Solution
CrowdTrust does for people what Google did for web pages.   Google applied the PageRank algorithm to integrate individual web pages with the Internet. CrowdTrust’s proprietary personal index technologies integrate your personal contexts with the web, effortlessly offering better service and amplified presence. PageRank has reached it’s limit – this is the next wave.

Value Proposition
Your every click has value. So do your ideas, the people you connect with, the content you read, and the resources you use. We make it easy for you to concentrate and channel this value.

Business Model
We make money by managing and brokering data in our clients’ interest, with no loss to personal privacy or security.  Our clients own and control all their data.

CrowdTrust is therefore a trusted broker – a very fresh and timely Internet business model.

Target Markets
Web-savvy, reputation-driven professionals and post-secondary students.

Revenue Model
We will obtain third-party transaction fees related to brokered index contexts.  One example is smart advertising, where we enable significantly more relevant ads without identity loss.  Other revenue streams include non-exploitive aggregate datamining, OEM & channel partner licensing of core technology and services, and premium client services (our basic client accounts are free).

Path to Profit
The beta release of CrowdTrust’s flagship service (code-named “CrowdTrust”) occurs on November 26, 2008 following 2 years of prototyping & market research.

CrowdTrust seeks $1M angel & early VC funding to reach profitability in 2009Q4.

November 23, 2008   19 Comments

Throwing Open the Gates at Royal Roads University

Hi all,

My pitch is intrepreneurial and it’s real – I’m meeting with the AVPs Academic and Research as well as a bunch of others next week. The goal of my pitch is get people on board with the idea of Royal Roads beginning to share course content and ultimately joining the OpenCourseWare Consortium.  My rationale is that sharing could help us in a number of ways, some that would benefit us, and some that would benefit education generally and enable us to have a positive impact on learning in a global sense.

Please view my pitch on Youtube here:

Looking forward to your feedback!


November 23, 2008   13 Comments

M12 :: Venture Forum

When completed, and anytime before end of day November 23rd, please post your Assignment #3 submission here as a response to this post, or as a new post in the category “Module 12”, with the tags “A3”, “M12” along with any additional relevant tags, and with any pertinent links or attachments.


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