Welcome to Module 3

Hi Everyone,

As you’ve probably guessed already, Module 3 is somewhat like a dry run for your Assignment #1 analysis of a specific venture or a market environment.  There is nothing special about the “CUBE”.  It’s merely one way of organizing an analysis of a learning technology venture.  We’ve offered other approaches and would appreciate further ones coming from you and your research.

Perhaps the most important point of departure for most of you will be to “think global” for your marketplace.  The rest of the world often seems a lot hungrier for learning than North America, but almost everything about making it a business is different.

Please remember that Module 3 is two (2) weeks long – indicative of the attention we’re expecting from you here.   See if everyone else’s cube-mapping activities make sense to you.

We’re looking forward to your contributions,

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Getting To Work

Thanks everyone for your introductions and first steps into the course – now its time to dive in some venture content!

Our business “boot camp” may introduce material that is unfamiliar to many of you, but we promise it will be interesting and very worthwhile.  In the first iterations of this course we actually went deeper than we do now – offering an exposure to interpreting financial data, etc, – but even then we couldn’t begin to cover all of the material an entrepreneur needs to master.  So for those of you aiming to be entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs this is just an introduction, and for everyone else it’s a solid overview of the process and thinking involved.

My original training was as a scientist, and there’s no question that the essence of all great science is asking the right question of the Universe.  In business, that same essence is asking the right question of the marketplace.  That’s why we’re focusing on the pitch – the entire story behind a venture needs to be contained there – something really credible and compelling needs to stand out.

We’re offering some good starting points, but the journey is yours.  There are lots of materials you can discover and explore on your own.  Please share those that resonate with you.

Good luck!

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