How now, masters?

My name is Kyle Stooshnov, and I am starting my second year as a student in the MET program.  Currently I am a Teacher On Call for the North Vancouver School District, and hope that I will get a few days work before the inevitable teachers’ strike  Seeing that there may be some down time this term is somewhat exciting, as I will have the opportunity, through this course, to develop and perhaps even to design an on-line educational resource that has been on my mind since starting MET.

As hinted in the subject line, “How now, masters?” (a quote from Antony and Cleopatra, VI, iii, 20), I am fascinated by the plays of William Shakespeare, and the project I have in mind is to design a virtual Globe, an on-line resource for the performance and study of the plays.  There are several websites that already exist, most of them found in the Second Life world, but none that make use of Web 2.0 and emerging 3.0 technology already familiar to a handful of students.  There is great potential for engaging lessons centered around the performance rather than the reading of Shakespeare’s plays, and I hope to develop this venture for this course.

During the summer term, I successfully completed ETEC 510, where it was a pleasure to design the Macbeth Blended Learning Environment and the Outdamnedspot Moodle.  Hope to see a few members of the design team  in this course, and I am looking forward to all the new projects from classmates this term.

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