Assignment #3-Comments

I found assignment #3 to be very interesting and overwhelming at the same time.  Like most of you, I spent hours trying to perfect my elevator pitch as well as my venture pitch- working out the glitches and essentially trying to gain your “investment”. I am very proud of what I created and I know that most of you are too, as this assignment was not only time consuming but also may have involved some to feel beyond their comfort zones- much like it did for me. However, I completed this assignment and was very eager to view all the other products and services. I really enjoyed watching everyone’s pitches, I can tell that everyone worked very hard to complete this assignment and put a lot of effort into it- this should not go unnoticed.

However, I am very surprised with a lot of the comments made about the pitches, and actually cannot believe that some people would go to the extent they did. 

Deb had made a really good point on Davids post about “Elevators….don’t have PowerPoints” (which is a completely different issue) and said, “ I am all for constructive criticism – constructive being the key word. Constructive criticism will be incorporated into each of our marks with comments on how to improve when David sends out our final evaluations.” Deb made a very good point- constructive criticism is to be made by David.

I realize that this assignment was intended for others to view and add their thoughts as well as point out ways to improve the pitch, however is it truly necessary to put a product, or invention down? Especially knowing that so much time and energy was spent trying to not only complete this assignment, but also achieve a reflecting grade from David. I completely understand that my pitch as well as others may not have “gained” your investment, but does that honestly make you want to negatively vote the pitches, especially considering you could have positively voted one?

Please let me know if I am way off base, but to me it just seems unnecessary to actually vote negatively considering the circumstances, along with endless amount of time and energy put into this assignment. I get it and completely understand that not everyone is going to agree or even like something, but I think some people just went a little to far.



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