Ancient Book

Ancient Book by Richard Scott33

I was drawn to this image. It is very simple – a blank page in a book. I chose this image because it represents to me the “possibilities” that exist out there for text, technology, literacy, reading, writing and printing. This blank open book with a white page is ready and waiting for someone to express him/herself and for the world to interpret it. The fact that the book is weathered and ancient added to my intrigue as it emphasizes the juxtaposition between the past and future possibilities.

My name is Cathy Jung. I live in Markham, Ontario. I am a Manager of Learning and Development for the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). I am in the final home stretch of the MET program – this is my last course! I have a background in teaching ESL, so reading, writing and literacy hold an interest to me. I am also a mother of two young boys and as such have an interest in how their experiences with text, technology, reading and writing will change or remain similar. I look forward to working with everyone in this course.

Cathy Jung

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